Green man 2017


Tbf last years lineup was amazing and I still spent half of it in the backstage bar


Can’t believe no one is mentioning Lift to Experience! As far as I can see it’s their only announced date (although surely some will be added) and as such is an AMAZING booking. Their gig at Southbank last year was one of the best I’ve seen for a long time,


Yeah, me too. Has swung me round to going


It’s not really living up to the ‘15th anniversary party’ billing is it? Like others have said, last years bill was so perfect it’s going to pale whoever they book. I saw 35 bands last year and could have put together a brilliant day of the ones that I didn’t see. At least I get to see Ride again without paying stupid money. Daniel Avery too.


Imagine if that was a fake poster and Kate Tempest is headlining all three nights.


Probably ought to get my ticket sorted for this . Been putting it off. As others have said, not the most inspiring lineup for their 15th birthday (but then the 10th wasn’t much to write home about either) but there’s a lot there I’d definitely want to see. And it’s such a lovely festival anyway.


Just noticed Gaylean Lea is playing too. Nice.


Now sold out apparently. Fuck. Do any of you regular attendees know whether there’ll be a returns sale or something at some point please?


not that I remember


I think there might still be a handful of tickets available through the Dice app if you’re quick.


Thanks Paul, that did the trick.


Currently trying to psych myself up to fill out an application to be a steward. A group of us had plans to go before it sold out, but they fell through and I was really gutted because I love the festival. I’m fucking skint and have nobody that will come with me, so stewarding is ideal for me. My main reasons for going are the righteous array of varied and delicious veggie foods, the very beautiful location, and the cinema tent looks pretty boss this year. Anybody ever done stewarding before? Is it a nice experience where you meet some solid cats to hang out with in your time off, or is it just going to be students giving the stinkeye to this grotesque elderly 25 year old office worker?


Basically, as long as you go with an open mind then you’ll be pretty much set for the weekend. Last time I stewarded I was 28 (can you believe!), got drunk with randomers most nights, ended up getting a lift back with some 20-year-old students listening to William Onyeabor and Sun Kil Moon, and generally had a blast of it, so yeah. Good times.

The guys that have run the stewarding for the past 9 years are a solid #goodbunchoflads (as long as it’s Paddy et al), and they generally are pretty well set on the whole routine, so things usually go fine in a doing-work front - if there are people you desperately want to see, it’s usually possible to do a shift.


Thanks for the response! You make it sound nice, I’m going to do it.

How in-depth do you reckon they look at the applications? There’s a section asking for relevant experience, I’ve worked in an office for the past 6 years, but I worked at a hotel before that so I have some experience of sporting events/conventions that might be relevant, but I was 19 and doing fuck all.


Ooh, I think it’s mainly about “can you talk to people/not be drunk on shift”, though I don’t know how thorough they are generally.


So are the Wave Pictures confirmed as being the “Special Guest TBA”? Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to seeing them but I’m still not ready to give up on my now 9-year-long campaign to have Teenage Fanclub play at Green Man.


Think so


I think I just assumed that Teenage Fanclub play every 2 or 3 years - Norman Blake played with Jonny in… 2011, I think?


Is some silly bastard spending their days just putting GM tix on Twickets and immediately taking them down or something? I’m getting like 20 emails a day saying there’s tickets on there, but whenever I’ve gone through to the site they’ve always been none available.


Aye, he was there with Euros in 2011, but the Fanclub have never played in all the time I’ve been going.

Actually, Gerry Love was there too that year (we spotted them in the Walled Garden having a pint) and my two friends, who were in no way egged on, pursued the pair of them halfway across the site with the intention of finding out, once and for all, straight from the horses’ mouth, what the greatest Teenage Fanclub album is.

I think Norman was a little taken aback to be confronted by two Liverpudlian Songs-From-Northern-Britain-fanboys informing him that his answer of “I dunno…Grand Prix?” was, in fact, inherently wrong.