Green man 2017


Generally agree with the vibe that this isn’t exactly the stacked ‘15th year anniversary party’ they were plugging it as (not that I automatically thought a 15th anniversary warranted something out of the ordinary, but they made A LOT of it in the early promo).

I think I was a bit spoiled by those Rough Trade anniversary shows around London last year, which really set a benchmark in my mind about what this sort of thing could be, taking a few risks and offering genuine one-off moments: Angel Olsen in collaboration with The Raincoats; Josh T Pearson playing a set of unreleased pop songs for one night only etc. I thought GM could easily take a punt at something genuinely out of the ordinary, with it’s core audience thoroughly committed (so far as I can tell). At the very least, I was expecting a bit of a ‘greatest hits’ or a nod to their crusty folk roots, maybe Bonnie Prince Billy as a headliner or something, rather than Future Islands.

BUT having said all that, it’s always undoubtedly the best weekend of the year in my mind, even when it’s a ‘weak line up’ on paper. In recent years, I do feel like there’s been an effort to spread the quality over the entire day, and curate an attendee’s actual day of music from noon til midnight, rather than focus on how big hitters look on a poster. And that’s definitely how I’d prefer it.

Tl;dr: Superficial gripes aside, I can’t wait. This is going to be great.


Yep, solid, but not spectacular line up (unlike 2014’s). Sure to get a damn fine musical weekend out of it though. Can’t wait now.




By no means scientific, but the Clashfinder has surfaced for this year :

Glad I looked, as I spectacularly failed to notice H. Hawkline on the bill, so that’ll give me a concrete reason to traipse over from the campsite on Thursday evening.

No major clashes for me this year, just the customary little overlaps with Thee Oh Sees/Ryan Adams and Girl Ray/The Shins that’ll have me breaking out my Usain Bolt tribute act* to high-tail it between stages.

    • if Usain Bolt were a late 30s Scottish skinny indie-bloke with an occasionally troublesome knee.


Saw this about a fortnight ago. No major clashes for me. Everything I want to see is clash free. Just need to fill some gaps in the running order, especially Friday.


Aye, I’ve got quite a few gaps on the Saturday so will just take a punt on anyone I’m not familar with.

Friday night has thrown up a problem, though - love Angel Olsen and very keen to see Wesley Gonzalez, but it does mean I’ll have to hang around the site and run the risk of having my eardrums offended by Future Islands. Anyone got a pair of ear protectors I can borrow?


Grab a beer and sit in the comedy tent


I like yo’ style, kid, you’ll go far in Holly-wood.


Not got my shifts yet, but I’m slightly put out Nordic Giants and Lift To Experience clash. Only slightly though. Hope I’m free Saturday night to watch Melt Yourself Down.


Thing is, it’s not right. It’s a “5 - don’t even think about it”, and I’m pretty certain that PJ Harvey finishes before Saint Etienne start, so don’t take it as read just yet.


Wasn’t expecting it to be right, but it at least gives you an idea of how the days will pan out.


Just putting out some feelers as to whether anyone out there is looking for a Settler’s Pass ticket? I’ve got fibromyalgia and M.E. and have been trying to be optimistic but I reckon I’m probably not up to going, ugh. Will of course send it next-day recorded etc so there’s no hassle. Let me know!!


If anyone’s still after tickets, I’ve put a couple on twickets here :slight_smile:,2


Essentially giving away my ticket for free at this point because it’s just gonna go to waste otherwise! It’s a Settler’s Pass ticket, so you can roll up anytime in the week or just use it for the Fri/Sat/Sun. I’d love to recoup ANY of the £225 I spent on it if you’ve got some spare ££s, but like I say I’d rather it just went to some use.


Try Twickets. Sure someone there will gladly take it off your hands. Hopefully you can make it next year instead.


Sent you a PM


Hiya! Sadly we can’t go anymore. We have two spare weekend tickets with campervan pass, also settlers pass and orange parking. Would like the face value of the campervan pass and the weekend tickets.


Clashfinder has been updated snd is now rated as 1. I expect someone in settlers has a programme. Only 5 minute overlap of PJ and t’ Mods.


Yeah this person has put photos of it on Twitter:


Anybody up for a meet?