Green Man 2019

Line up announcement on Tuesday.

Have been only once before in 2014, which was excellent. Left London in torrential downpour and floods, thinking we’d be greeted with the same in Crickhowell but it was glorious all weekend. Had a top time watching Caribou, Toy, Mercury Rev, Bill Callahan etc. The sun even came out for Mark Kozelek.

There’s been some speculation over the hints that GM are dropping on twitter with talk of Idles (‘Joy’) and Sleater Kinney (talking of ‘Unearthing’ the line up). May be well off but we shall see.

Got a little wishlist (Doves, Big Thief, The Beths, Conor Oberst &/or Phoebe Bridgers).


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Went last year and it was great - great bands, atmosphere and food. Great weather too.

One of my favourite places in the country. Going this year for our honeymoon, so as much as I’m looking forward to the lineup, I don’t particularly care. Didn’t go last year because of having a 3 month old baby, but have been every year since 2012 apart from that.

That 2014 lineup was insane. Think it shared the weekend with Jabberwocky, so lots of good bands around. The late night stuff was great.

They normally tweet lyrics of bands involved a few days before announcements are due

It’s a stunning setting. Have a really soft spot for the Beacons anyway so feel quite spoilt having a festival like this there.

Think that amphitheatre that makes up the Mountain stage is my favourite main stage of any festival. Watching the War on Drugs, whilst the sun was setting against the mountains in the background was quite something.

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It’s great now, but it was awful in 2012. It rained solid all weekend. Apart from the stone steps on the left as you look from the stage, there were no steps to get up the banking, and the young kids were chucking themselves down the banks making them total mud slopes. Was awful. The far out stage turned into a lake, there was not really anywhere to sit and the big area of loos near the courtyard were a pissy mid area. That’s why they have the wooden steps up the banking, and the rubber matting on all the pathways now.

Anyway, really looking forward to seeing what’s announced, reckon idles will headline the far out and sleater Kinney is a good shout. Doves would be nice (Jimmy played solo in 2015 so there’s a relationship there at least) and big thief were there in 2017, so maybe a good shou of they’re releasing something.

Not overly bothered though. Will be a great weekend regardless of who’s on.

Thinking of taking family this year and trying out the family campsite. Anyone done this? Is there plenty of room to set up a decent sized tent. Normally been doing EOTR but with it being outside of school holidays might have to change loyalties, though from what I’ve read Green Man does seem more family friendly.

I’ll let someone else answer as I’ve not done it with a kid, yet. That’ll be a couple of years time. It is incredibly family friendly though

Probably last year’s End of the Road line up as per.



I mean, there’s always gonna be a load of crossover between them. There’s only so much folky beardy balls to go around

That sounds awful. Reckon an experience like that could have put me off (a la Glastonbury 2016). Anyway! Sounds like a lovely plan as a honeymoon destination.

If Idles are playing, I did wonder whether they would headline the main stage. King Gizz did it last year without anywhere near the radio play and buzz that Idles have had.

As you say, I’m pretty happy with whoever turns up. Discovered some great stuff milling around the Walled Garden stage last time.

Yeah, sort of, but EotR are always first to book the slightly less core beard/waft acts.

Assume Vampire Weekend this year as a result.

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Nah not even sort of. EOTR will have bands playing this year that played green man last year, and visa versa. They are basically the same festival, except EOTR is sponsored by Heineken :wink:

Mercury Rev b2b War on Drugs at dusk in 2014 is an all time festival moment for me @jeffpistachiomagnum :heart_eyes:




Did this on 2015 with a 7 year old and 9 year old. Was brilliant. The family area was great, plenty of room and the whole atmosphere was very welcoming of kids work loads for them to do in the morning before the bands started.

Green Man 2012…

Getting flashbacks! I mean, it was an utterly brilliant festival, but fuck me was it wet and muddy. Far Out was mental - they brought in the toilet sucker lorries to try to suck liquid mud out. Failed! Had a great time, but it wasn’t easy. Remember ‘running’ from Mountain to Far Out to catch second half of The Wave Pictures and almost doing myself a mischief…


Aye, 2012 was a bit grim to say the least. Our first one in 2008 ran it pretty close, pretty much horizontal rain for two days straight. One in the eye for all those “ooh, my wellies got a wee bit muddy” Glastonbury '98 lightweights.

Looking forward to the announcement tomorrow, not that it matters too much who’s playing, can’t ever remember a moment where Green Man let us down over the nine years we’ve been going.

You’re not wrong. 2015 was a bit of a blinder too…


Went last year for the first time with the TV… was incredible, possibly the best festival I’ve been to. Despite knowing about 3 bands on the line up (Public Service Broadcasting, King Gizzard, Dirty Projectors) I had a blast. Just such a lovely atmosphere, excellent food, drink (top beers), and saw some incredible bands: John Grant, Horsey, Lovely Eggs, War on Drugs, The KVB, Bo Ningen, Teleman, Wedding Present, Rolling Blackouts, Juanita Stein, Ari Roar, Goat Girl, Sacred Paws, Snapped Ankles, other stuff - can’t remember. Definitely going this year. :smiley:



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