Green Man 2023

Will be my first year and am super excited. Any idea when the first wave of acts will be released?

Hoping for Idles and Slowdive, don’t know why but have a feeling.

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Varies a little bit year by year, both Green Man and End of the Road normally release their lineups somewhere around late Jan/Early Feb, so you shouldn’t be waiting too much longer. Think GM normally go first, though even if it’s EOTR you’ll have a few clues as they don’t generally share many acts at all at the top of their lineups.

Not sure which of the two are most likely to get them (and haven’t checked availability) got a feeling Young Fathers could make the step up to headline one of them. Maybe EOTR slightly more likely of the two? And got a feeling one of them might try and get in on the Wet Leg hype by giving them a big slot, maybe even their first headline slot. Similarly they could try for Self Esteem, though she’s played so much now dunno if she’s got the draw. Thought Idles would headline one last year and they didn’t, guess it depends if they’ve got new stuff coming out by the end of summer.

Always a few surprises though, so fun as speculation is it’s always tough to call.

Young Fathers sound like an EOTR type of headline to me as you say. It felt from the line-ups last year that EOTR was getting slightly smaller in terms of headliners, or at least the top 2 or 3 names on each day, whereas Green Man was going bigger.

Self Esteem headlining Green Man would make a lot of sense. Her set there in 2021 in the Far Out tent pretty much aligned with the beginning of her big break through into the mainstream. Coming back to headline would make a nice story. Plus I get the impression at GM that there are a lot of people who only go to that festival so it wouldn’t matter so much that she has played every festival going.

I am sure either would absolutely love to have Wet Leg headlining.

Following the ‘people who play one play the other the following year’ rule how about Ezra Furman to headline EOTR this year? About the right size for a EOTR headliner nowadays, and went down really well at GM in 2022.

I probably won’t be able to make either this year. Did GM last year but we have decided for various reasons not to go this year, and the dates for EOTR don’t work out for us. May make an exception if there is a really amazing headliner at either.

Think the headliners are still a similar sort of size at each (mixture of people like Kiwanuka, Fleet Foxes and that with the odd bigger name like Pixies, Kraftwerk or PJ Harvey. Green Man’s names below the headliners have definitely got bigger than EOTR though in the last few years, used to have Alvvays and Broken Social Scene third down at EOTR which wouldn’t ever happen now.

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Also my first Green Man, and I am very eagerly awaiting the line-up drop!

I also reckon Slowdive are reasonably likely, and I’d be really pleased with that. Lots of speculation about Sigur Ros as well, which would make me happy also.

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I was thinking Sigur Ros as well. They’re starting to pop up around that time and they’d be a great headliner

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I’m thinking Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Slowdive, The Walkmen, Panda Bear / Sonic Boom all likely to play I reckon.

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I’ve seen all these heavily rumoured also, and the YYYs. Just Mustard too, which I’d be very happy about.

Have seen the walkmen, slowdive and sigur ros rumoured also but trying to manage expectations. Young Fathers/Self Esteem would be excellent headline slots.

Gutted I’m not going to this again. Doubt I will with the mad rate the tickets seem to sell out. 2018 was cracking with King Gizz headlining, loved it.

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Yeah the rate at which tickets are selling out is a bit mad. It feels like GM continues to gain more popularity whilst EOTR is still seaming a bit of a secret gem.

Green Man: One big train journey then a bus, but always sells out.

EotR: Many train, many bus, but doesn’t sell out.

Feel like pure shit just want to go to Green Man. Might steward again, though I’ll complain about my back hurting the entire time…


Speak for yourself. Very, very easy for me to get to EOTR from the South East.

Okay… Thanks for letting me know?


Sorry if irellevent or if I misunderstood but seemed you were saying that GM is very easy for everyone to get to whilst EOTR is not? Which seemed like a generalisation based on specifically your journey? Dunno.

You’re probably right in that it’s way easier for people to get to for people from the Midlands and North.

I guess it was a bit ambiguous

All this talk of Slowdive, Sigur-Ros, The Walkmen and Panda Bear/Sonic Boom is very exciting…except that I don’t have a ticket. Never been to Green Man but I was eyeing up this and EOTR anyway in the absence of any other festival plans (taking a year off from Primavera).

If these rumours play out what are the chances do people think of being able to get a ticket via resale etc…based on prior years etc…and while the bands rumoured above are bang in line with my taste it won’t tick everyone’s boxes

It worth pointing out that they’re not “rumours” per se, more speculation based on touring patterns. I’m doing EOTR as per usual, having never been to Green Man, so tend to watch both lineups with interest

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Pavement ruled out