Green Man Festival 2020

Couldn’t agree more!!

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Lots on here that was at EOTR last year. And same vice versa.

Very underwhelming

This is basically what has happened now. The line ups interchange year on year. 2 festivals that target the same market 2 weeks apart is going to have a lot of cross over

Yeah Tropical Fuck Storm was pretty much created to allow Gareth Liddiard to break from the fans expectations of Drones records from my understanding so I wouldn’t see him going back to it any time soon, probably ever. He wanted to stop making blues rock records I think. Does still play a few drones songs if you see him solo and TFS throw in Baby squared occasionally, think they used to do Taman Shud too.

Mac Demarco at the top of the bill is always a turn off personally. And I want to like Little Dragon but they’re deeply dull.

Yeeeeah…not really grabbing me so far. Think I’ve maybe been spoiled by the first announcements over the last few years having at least a dozen must-sees for me straight off the bat. Already got tickets anyway, so will wait and see what the second announcement brings.

Quite pleased to see Nadine Shah, Richard Dawson, Porridge Radio, Lazy Day and The Orielles on there, mind. Plenty to investigate further down, but so far,so ok?

Why must the world continue to insist that a band called Viagra Boys is something that exists?


As an EOTR devotee, I’ve always looked at Green Man’s lineup and wished I could afford to do both. Not so much this year. Thundercat and Caribou being the ones I wish we’d also got.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a very solid line-up and I would have a great time, but there’s not much I’m gutted about missing out on. That’s just me though.

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Played one of the best gigs I saw last year.

I say it every year, but why can’t one of them be at the start of the season? With Arctangent on the same weekend as Green Man, my three favourite festivals are all within two weeks of each other right at the end of the summer.

I guess with them both selling out they don’t really care.

Top line isn’t up to much, but otherwise it’s a really good line up. Had they nailed the headliners I’d be on it straight away.

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Why at on earth is there to find fault with?
It’s a self-deprecating sentiment from a band challenging assumptions around masculinity and in an obviously satirical way?

otoboke beaver!!! fuck


Underwhelming from the top down for me. Lots of solid bands on the undercard but there’s nothing special. Kiwanuka being big enough to headline has obviously passed me by. Caribou too tbh


check out otoboke beaver: reckon you’ll like them

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Hopefully (sandy) Alex g will play some other dates or otherwise I’ll be (salty) Robin F.

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I’ve noticed less foreign bands on festival lineups this year, and also generally more conservative lineups overall. Obvious reason why but I think it’s affecting festivals like Green Man and Latitude, comparing them to 3-5 years ago.

To be fair though the second green man announcement is usually as strong as the first

Will do - great name :smiley:

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I’d be interested to see the stats on this, you could well be right.
3/4 of this year’s headliners are foreign, mind.