Green Man Festival 2020

There’s also a cinema tent with kid friendly programming in the mornings (gets really busy if the weather is shit though). And there’s a small stream running through part of the arena ending in a small pond that is good for nature walks.

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It does sound amazing. Easy to forget there’s misic on but genuinely there is a fair few acts we’re interested in so it’s all good

Just ordered our Settlers tickets. Excited! Kids are gonna love it. Got them in the mood by playing them youtube videos of the festival from last few years.


Nice. We were tempted last year, but didn’t think we could do a week under canvas. Some of the bands on earlier in the week were better than some of the big names at the weekend!

Yeah, a year ago I don’t think we would have. But we’ve took the kids camping a few times and they love it. We’ve got a pretty big tent so if it rains we have decent space to hang out. I need to buy a camping trolley though! A festival with kids is a new experience. I’m hoping that by going early it’ll take some of the stress and uncertainty once Friday comes along. By then we should be settled.

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I’ve not done Settlers myself as I’m not really a fan of camping, but it seems to be very popular, and as others have said it’s a beautiful area. One of the episodes (#2 I think?) of the second series of the Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse fishing programme (on iPlayer I think) is filmed on the Glanusk estate where the festival is held. Crickhowell is a lovely little market town with a couple of good pubs too, and is a nice 40 minute walk from the site, either taking the path next to the river, or on the canal tow path other side of the site. Some settlers take bicycles too.
I think this is going to be my 11th consecutive Green Man, but maybe 12th! Sure you’ll love it. I did camp first few years but stay at a B&B in Crickhowell now.



Has anyone had any confirmation of/received their refund for this yet?

Didn’t ticketline say refunds would be issued within 90 days?

Don’t know anything more than that, sorry. I’ve rolled mine over.

Ah, should be trying to cram 50 cans of beer in to a 70l backpack right now. Very very sad and hope it can go ahead next year. My fave weekend of the year by far :frowning:


Gutted, should be packing right now. Weather looks pretty shit though for most of the weekend.

Heavy showers, 18 degrees. Nice to know that some things in the world remain the same!


Heard this is cancelled

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FWIW I am being driven through Crickhowell right now, and it is apocalyptically pissing down.


2008 levels of apocalyptically pissing it down, or just regular levels?

Wasn’t there in 2008, but yesterday was pretty bad alright


Genuinely almost want to cry; I just reaaaally want this to happen and to go to the festival.


It’s really tempting tbh. If Prima gets canned then it could be a possibility for me for sure