Green Man Festival 2020

Didn’t have 2020 tickets because we were supposed to get to a wedding that weekend (which I was unpleased about, but that’s another story), really really really fucking hope we can get a pair now.

Imagine after the Eotr news tickets for this will sell out really quickly

went to 7 (or was it 8?) in a row. It really is a great festival. Won’t be going to this one, unfortunately, even if on.

Hope it’s on for the people who want to go!

Yeah, brilliant festival


just the right mix of chilled, kid friendly vibes, very limited dickheads, but with enough opportunities to be naughty (in non dickhead ways!) as the night gets later! :smiley:

Be my 7th GM. Really hope it all happens, even if it’s just UK/local bands, that weekend in the Welsh mountains is the best weekend of every year!

It looks like they’re doing a 2021 ticket release, so if it sells out now, there is still a chance of tickets later on, possibly after the lineup has been announced

If it sells out, I’m pole vaulting or parachuting in. Whatever it takes. :wink:

Hang glide off of the sugar loaf

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So, is this actually going ahead this year? It’s May now and not even a single band confirmed, and no news on progress or anything. After 2000 trees cancelled last week I’m wondering if other smaller festivals might follow for the same reasons.

We have tickets follows over from last year. Was really looking forward to it but I’d like a bit more certainty regarding our summer holiday plans right now.


That’s typical, I searched the website, the forum and Facebook but didn’t get round to checking twitter. Thanks

This is quite telling from their FAQs though

yet they are putting the remaining refunded tickets on sale tomorrow, without a single band confirmed…

What are they waiting for? They won’t know about social distancing for sure til too near the time. And all signs are that covid cases are dropping and will continue to.

Possibly some contractual stuff with bands eg some not wanting to fully confirm unless everyone is sure it can go ahead.

There’s all sorts of costly stuff like rehearsals, crew, transport etc bands need to book in when they confirm a festival and probably quite a few have been burned with cancellations in 2020/21.

yeah sure, I just don’t understand what more they’ll find out anytime soon. May 17th? June 21st? Are we expecting a announcement regarding live event insurance? Or are they redoing the line-up to keep the risks lower in terms of countries involved etc…

I’m assuming they’re waiting for the results from the test gigs and general certainty regarding mass events, so probably June.

Seeing other festivals have to cancel, it’s actually a lot less stressful for the team/less upsetting for ticketholders if they don’t have the lineup out there, and then have to pull it a week or two later. I get why people are frustrated, but in some ways I’d actually prefer not to know what this lineup is until they know it’s fully going ahead.

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Also I think because the pool of tickets is gonna be pretty small, not releasing the lineup is probably gonna benefit those who want to support the festival rather than the specific acts on the lineup IYKWIM


Remember, the Welsh Government have not come close to giving anything like an ‘all clear on June 21’ date yet. Green Man might know of a potential announcement following the Senedd elections tomorrow.

But I guess if that’s the case, they’d probably wait a little longer rather than putting tickets up for sale on election day without a line up.

Don’t really know what I’m trying to say here tbh.


Just to be clear I’ll happily go whatever the lineup. Just seemed ominous to me that they hadn’t and what I could do with (pretty soonish anyway) is some more solid summer plans with the kids. I mean we can prob just book an airbnb in Cornwall and play the rest by ear but if GM pulls late on we might struggle to find somewhere