Green Man Festival 2020

I’m a line-up obsessive, planning Glastonbury like a military operation with every minute carefully curated, every act specifically sought out.

I messaged my mates earlier to say that I couldn’t give two fucks who plays at GM if I get a ticket and it happens. I just want to be in a field with mates and music.



Very much the Glastonbury experience trying to get tickets this morning :grimacing:

We have been blessed with tickets, I’m so happy


Haven’t had a sniff myself but me mate got through. Haven’t missed these ticket scrambles tbh

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I’m through if I can be of any assistance to anyone

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My mate got to the payment screen and kicked back. Has a pending transaction for the amount, but no confirmation.

Pretty glad I have tickets already tbf

Gone :frowning:

I think I’ve just given up on festivals for this year, but if stewarding is an option for you, I recommend it! the stewarding leaders are very much a GBOL…

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Mogwai for Green Man :pray::pray::pray::pray:

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Seen them there before…and would be perfectly happy to do so again!

This time perhaps not in the pissing rain…!


That year was horrific

Ha! It was such a great festival, but bugger me the mud was a nightmare. I remember trying to ‘run’ from Mountain to Far Out to see The Wave Pictures. I’m pretty fit. It was horrific!


I don’t remember the Mogwai year being that bad? 2008 is still my literal high-water mark for how rainy a music festival can be without the festival literally being cancelled.

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I mean, they were pumping water out of the far out tent, then site was pretty unnavigable, the steps up the slopes on the mountain stage hadn’t been put in and the kids were sliding down them making them really dangerous to walk up. If 2008 was worse than that, I’m glad I wasn’t there

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It really was that bad! The mud was as bad and exhausting as Glastonbury 2016, the only slight silver lining being that the GM site is a tenth of the size! Not a blade of grass visible anywhere. I remember watching our first daytime band on Friday in the Walled Garden and my mate and I had hoods zipped up like we were in South Park! The weather gradually deteriorated from there!!


Quite something that Green Man and Wilderness haven’t announced yet and so many others are still cancelling

Personally, dont see it going ahead. Bloody hope it does, but can’t see it as things stand today

Didn’t realise they’d sold out without a lineup even being out. Shows the demand I guess.

If I was betting I’d say it was about 75/25 in favour of not going ahead. I just can’t see it. It’s currently our only summer holiday!