Green Man Festival 2021

Tickets on sale at 9am tomorrow along with first line up announcement.

Have my tickets already from the early bird. They’ve been doing some clues on Twitter for some of the bands. Looks like :tropical_drink::eggplant::cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: are playing

Are The Drones still a going concern now? TFS seem to be loads more popular nowadays.

Great festival.

Don’t think they’ve officially called it a day but definitely not done anything since TFS formed…

99% sure about EOTR but feel a strange kind of warmth and loyalty to GM that is going to make it difficult. I’m waiting for tomorrow’s announcement before we do anything.

Think we’re going, will see what the line up is like, not that it matters, as the last 2 years I’ve known about 3 bands in total and had a fantastic time.

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Would be good to catch up again to some of the heavier stuff

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I reckon Caribou is headlining.

pretty sure TFS have usurped them. sounds like TFS started when they were recruiting for new drones members and it just went from there. play the odd drones song as well.

Last year’s Green Man lineup was so strong, it can’t live up to it this year but will still be great as always. TFS a good start.

Not long til we find out now…

Innit fella, get the beers in and have a headbang.

Omg is this Tropical Fuck Storm :joy:

We can’t go this year due to a wedding so hopefully there’s nothing unmissable for me, but a good time to all those who do go, it’s the best festival in the UK

EOTR is just as good so hope you can swap out GM for it this year!

Lineups out and absolutely trouncing EotR’s for me

I much much prefer EOTR’s. Horses for courses…


Ah fuck it’s really really good, WHY WOULD YOU PLAN YOUR WEDDING THAT WEEKEND? :confounded::confounded::confounded:

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Yes! Deep Throat Choir are back. Parquet courts back for the first time since 2013. Headliners are doing nowt for me mind, maybe caribou. Some very good undercard stuff

Wish you could have this under card with End of the Road’s headliners.


EOTR definitely better line up for me. This is still decent though.

Oooh… liking this, Parquet Courts, Viagra Boys, The Murder Capital, JOHN!!!111!! Porridge Radio…

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