Green Man Festival 2021

Good idea KB

Like what little I have heard of Emma-Jean Thackray (Saturday early doors on Far Out), sort of jazzy pop with some trumpets and synths and things. Hopefully it’s sunny for her set

This starts off sounding like it could be a floating points tune from about 2010, becomes boppy

This one builds up to some fairly busy pop with choral vox and wicked sick keyboards(?)


Omg this is so tight. What a shout

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Gwenifer Raymond is excellent if you’re into the fingerstyle american acoustic guitar stuff ala Jack Rose, John Fahey, Glenn Jones et al. Or even if you’re not!:


nice! I like that

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Caroline (Rising stage, Sunday)

Expansive songs, a band where strings and hushed guitars blend perfectly. Pastoral, sweeping, hypnotising. Think parts of godspeed, mogwai and land observations with a folk edge.


Cracking rec that, rich

I’m doing a lot of GM homework, but feel free to post any other little diamond discoveries for us to look at.


Love this! Thanks for recommendation.

Caroline are absolutely brilliant. Can’t wait to see them soon.

I’m not even going to GM, but clicked on this thread and was excited to see your reference to Land Observations. They have been one of my discoveries of lockdown, and I’ve listened to them virtually every week since. Excited because I can’t recall seeing a reference on here to them before.

Anyway, more relevantly, Caroline sound great and I’ll be checking out more of their stuff.

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Bloody love land observations

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Resale tickets for this going on sale tomorrow at 10am

Will be a handful, so good luck if anyone is trying

yeah feeling stressed about it.

Seems like this was a bigger drop than anticipated? Everyone I know who was going for it managed to get through, we almost bought 3 times too many.

Anyway, looks like I’m going. So excited/anxcious.


I’m sure anyone trying is aware, but they’re still on sale.

Started dipping into the unfamiliar artists on the line up. Catrin Finch and Seckou Keita sound wonderful. A Welsh harpist and Senegalese Kora player respectively. Seems to be a bit of a fusion of disparate influences but works together really well.

Looks like a reasonably early slot on the Saturday Mountain stage, which sounds pretty perfect tbh.

Has anyone used either Hotel Bell Tent or Tangerine Fields at Green Man before?

Is there much difference between the two in terms of facilities/location, etc, etc? Any general tips on whether they’re worth the premium?

Hotel Bell Tent is off site, the other side of the river. Tangerine Fields are all marked out about a third of the way into the camping as you walk down from the car park.

I like the idea of rocking up with it all being set up and not having to drag everything down on Monday. But it’s probably a bit more expensive than you’d think for a small tent in tangerine fields.

Site map

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Thanks for the info (prob could have looked up myself!), looks like Tangerine Fields might be the better option then, as we’d probably prefer to be onsite/closer to things. Yeah, it’s expensive, but it’s probably going the closest thing we get to a holiday in 2 years!

I’ve done TF at Greenman twice (last time was 2019) and was good both times. The site was basically behind the main stage and nobody around was really that noisy.

The tent was just a basic “3 person” one that is obviously only for 2 people and I was happy to pay £70 between us for that.

We have agreed that we will use them next time but pay however much it is for one of the big dice shaped tents as I feel like I need the extra comfort in my mid 30s.

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