Green Planet

Anyone watching the new Attenborough thing? Managed to totally pass me by, but saw a fascinating clip about giant water lilies - so now I’m fully on board

New ep sometime tonight too I think


This was the clip, still get blown away by some of the shots they get and the way they edit this stuff

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They do a lot of the extreme close up stuff in studios. Still, amazing.

Magic ruiner! :wink:

Nah makes total sense, but as you said still ends up with amazing results. Probably allows them to do stuff that just wouldn’t be feasible in the wild too

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For sure. I’ve been to a couple of the studios, as it happens. Incredible setups… they look almost like perfectly lit modern art pieces. Everything done with such precision.

Watching Green Planet now :+1:

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It’s quite trippy isn’t it, lots of extreme zoom ins and strange fast forwarding.

The sound effects are fucking hilarious too.

PlayStation controller for the Triffid camera :smiley:

Glow in the dark fungus and the giant fall of all the spinning seeds were awesome

Great fun second ep

  • jumping fish
  • fizzing river
  • the little moving furry green balls :smiley:
  • those goddamn table mountains woah

What a lovely watch