Green tea🍵

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Far superior to ‘normal’ tea


This thread brought to you by the green tea I’m currently enjoying.

Not the best of teas, not the worst of teas

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I find myself diverging from laelfy in exactly the same way as we diverge in our crumpet opinions.

Green Tea is very nice but “normal” tea is much much nicer

It’s alright but I always go back to black

I love it, I love making matcha lattes and have gotten really good at making 10/10 ones during lockdown


It’s just hot water that smells like it might have flavour, but doesn’t.
I drink it at work between coffees.

Rather have peppermint.

But it’s ‘fine’

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My daughters like it so I always have it in

It’s sometimes nice to have a cup in the afternoon but it’s only really 30% as nice as a proper tea

Useful for making kombucha, but I wouldn’t drink it on it’s own.