Green Wing


S1 was brilliant.

Not sure I’d like to go back though.


It hasn’t aged badly at all. S2 does tend to go off the surreal deep end compared to S1 but still has its moments.


My mum fucking LOVED it.

Thread for posts that are funnier out of context


I mean what I’m saying, Funkhauser, is you have the taste in comedy of a 68 year old woman :wink:


Going to bump this to share my frankly excellent Mark Heap anecdote with the daytime set. Absolutely shameless.


Not 100% true.


Light/lite entertainment


The first season is perfect. Hard to have a fave character, most are superb.

Guy fucking his mum in the final episode is one of the best end of season bombshells ever. Should have ended it there


talking of Mark Heap, anyone seen Friday Night Dinner?

its a lot funnier than I expected


I saw a couple and really enjoyed them, but didn’t keep up. I want to go back and watch them with the new series now out.


I watched a few episodes for the first time last week, I didn’t think it was great. Mark Heap was probably the best bit, I liked how he was too afraid to pat his own dog.


yeah I didnt even realise there was a new one so that was a nice surprise