Greenman 2018

I did search, couldn’t find another thread which was surprising… Anyway, first announcements

Its been discussed a bit on the EOTR thread…

If you’re a 2000s Pitchfork indie fan (which I am) then its good…but I cant help feeling the feeling of Deja vu with a lot of the bands. John Grant is a huge personal plus. I think, more than anything, it could do with more psych/garage rock bands…because there’s plenty of good stuff around atm…

ah righto. Still lots to be announced though ?

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Yeah exactly…that could swing things quite a bit

Looks pretty promising so far, certainly better than last year. Might actually go this time.

I haven’t been since 2008. How much bigger has it got since then ?

To be fair to green man, the second round of additions are normally a lot better than the first so I won’t judge it til then

Yeah I’ve got used to a fairy low-key drip of announcements which never seem all that exciting on their own but then when it’s like the week before and they put out the full bill with everything in order it looks properly brilliant. Very rarely have a spare minute at Green Man with nothing to watch.

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Way bigger. Grown loads since 2014.

In terms of line up announcements, nothing to blow me away, but some solid first additions. Ultimately, I’m trying to tell myself it’s underwhelming since I can’t make it this year (baby reasons), but if I was going I’d have a great time.

Anyone taken kids to Green Man? Mine are 10 & 8. What’s it like if it hammers down etc, is the camping decent?

Interested too…mine being 11 and 9. Thinking this would be a good one.

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My ol neighbour used to take his kids every year, reckoned it was the most kid friendly festival. Loads of families there anyway

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Absolutely tonnes of kids there, with a huge range in ages, from babies and toddlers to teenagers. There’s a kids activity area just outside the arena for things to do during the day and the organisers are good are providing ear defenders. There’s a family camping area, and a quiet camping area which is perfect for the kids, we camp there most years tbf.

Can so get a settlers pass and camp there for the week and explore the countryside if you have the time to.


New announcement of bands on Thursday

Thanks for that, not sure i’d want to be down there for a week tbh. I’ve been to Glastonbury a few times but I wouldn’t really want to take them there until they’re older. I guess it’s a different experience with them, and i’m sure they’d rather be somewhere with a pool!

Updated line up including Anna Calvi, Joan As Police Woman, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizzard (again), Floating Points (again), John Maus, Cate Me Bon, Wye Oak, SMD and Deepthroat Choir, Jane Weaver, Sacred Paws to name a few of the additions

It looks like King Gizza are headlining? That can’t be right, surely doing the Thursday night slot…

They did the Thursday night slot in 2016 (below Would Beasts though), so I’m doubting it’ll be that. Brave choice if it is a headliner slot



I very much like the look of the undercard, but the main acts are pretty meh inducing