Greenman 2018

It does look like King Gizzard are a main stage headliner. I’m delighted with that. White Denim went down a storm second on the bill and they needed a lively Friday night top biller. I think it’s a great line up, way better than last year.

Yes, it’s ‘Very Green Man’ but thank god for that, imagine it shifting like Reading. The horror.

There’s some good bands there but I’m very not thrilled overall. Hope Susanne Sundfør gets her due as a Walled Garden headliner. Probably go back stewarding again, loved it last time.

King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard are the Friday night main stage headliner, confirmed in the email I got.


They’ll be ace on the main stage!

I have done gone and got a ticket for this. Psyched to investigate loads of bands I don’t know

Day splits. This is looking great, way better than last year. Love the psych sunday in the big tent.

The whole Sunday on the Walled Garden looks brilliant too.

Hey I took my two daughters there in 2015 so they were 11 and 8. Had a bloody brilliant time and pester me regularly to go back (sadly we haven’t made it). As other people have mentioned there is loads for them to do during the day before the bands start in earnest and the whole feel of the place is very kid friendly. We spent a whole morning in the tent with it lashing down outside which wasn’t great but at least we got to see St Vincent in the afternoon when it cleared up. Absolutely brilliant festival and I would genuinely love to go back with my kids this year if I could!

Looking forward to this now. HMLTD in the Charlotte Church slot from two years ago is perfect for them.

Not an amazing lineup but a solid one. If the rain isn’t too bad might go on a walk each day

dunno whether you’re a fan but The Wedding Present were announced yesterday for the Sunday line up.

Yep, that’s the John Mays replacement I think?

Enjoyed them the last time I saw em but it can really depend on what they decide to play

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I have wisely decided to go hiking around the Beacons from Saturday and the weather looks pretty miserable until Tuesday…

Really looking forward to it. As you say, solid line up but always have an amazing time there no matter of the weather/line up. Sunday walled garden looks pretty good and discovered The Lovely Eggs the other day who should kick things off in the tent nicely!

If I were going (first time not going in 7yrs), I’d be staying put on the walled garden on Sunday for the first 6 bands. Great run.

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Yeah loads of good stuff on the walled garden. Group Listenung sound really good

Will probably be happy there until The War On Drugs tbh. Perhaps stretch my legs for Kevin Morby…

Any good shouts for breweries that they usually have there? Usually just have wild gambles and everything seems decent…

It’s pretty much all Welsh and relatively smaller breweries as far as I can remember. Sells through insanely quick. We normally hit it Thursday night and during Friday. It’s normally selling through by Saturday.

Heavy Industry, Conwy, Big Hand, Glamorgan, Grey Trees, Brecon, Boss, Mantle. There’s a mixture of cask and craft stuff and a seperate cider bar, but tbh, you can’t go wrong with a Growler from any of the bars

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Looks like there’s a cider house a mile from the site in the opposite direction to crickhowell, gonna give that a go Saturday I think

If it’s the Nantyffin Cider Mill, just be warned I was there last year for a valentine’s dinner and we were subjected to non-stop VH1 powerbalads cranked up to 11 (apparently there is something Meat Loaf just simply will not do for love). But the place is close to the Green Man site.