Greenman 2018


That’s the prick. Is the choice of drinks decent at least?


Don’t recall it being anything to write home about…but it appears to be under new management, so I’d be interested to know how you get on and if it improved.

It won’t top the huge selection of beer and cider at Green Man though. That area would be a great drinks festival in its own right.


Aye I just fancied having a bit of a walk and think I did all the pubs in crickhowell last time round.


Walk up the mountain?


Any pubs there?


Could take a pub with you


Insecure Men cancel, replaced by someone


So…how was the festival (and the pub)?

6Music coverage made it sound like a good’un this year.


cider place was shut when we walked by on I think the Wednesday afternoon


Really good fest, weather definitely helped. Didn’t try for the pub.

Highlights - HMLTD, Alex Cameron, War on Drugs, Teenage Fanclub. Xylorius White might’ve been up there if I’d seen more of their set.


Had a great time as always - just the best festival for me. Perfectly organised, great layout, nice people stuff on a bit later if you want it. Not a shred of commerce. Faves: War on Drugs, Mount Kimbie, Pheobe Bridgers, The Lovely Eggs. Also loved the disco music in Round the Twist all weekend.


Agree Xyloris White were great.

My other unexpected highlights were:
Jim Ghedi - folky ambiance perfect for laying hungover in the sun
Anna Calvi - powerful shredding and vocals that actually made my neck hair stand up.
Omni - not that wild about them on record but the tight 3 piece energy got me
Sock - that dreamy, sexy new slacker rock kind of thing, again perfect for lazing around to. adorable how unused they were to performing for crowds and kept all crowding round the drummer.
Ider - really fun pop blast, they seemed like they were having a great time too

Also the two films I saw were great, bleak Chinese animation Have A Nice Day, and mindbending creepy 60s unfinished film The Inferno Unseen (with live score!)

Great festival, will certainly go again when the line up tickles me


The food was the real main event here :ok_hand:

Musically I liked Susanne Sundfor, Mount Kimbie, Haley Heyndrickx, Stella Donnely, Seamus Fogerty… sort of forgot who else we saw now. Some good stuff going on in Chai Wallas, weather was nice too.

First festival me and my partner have been to together, despite being big festival-goers seperately, so we mainly just enjoyed having the trip together which was nice. Line-up was pretty weak for me this year in all honesty, but it’s just such a lovely place to be.