Greenstar 28CDi Compact or Greenstar 25Si Compact

I’m torn as to which of these Worcester Bosch boilers I might replace my current Vaillant Ecotec Plus 824 with.

this needs to be a poll, if not a full World Cup of Boilers


Got the 30i spring before last

28? 25? Pah!

CDi, every day of the week

oh God. What have I done.

Worcester Bosch and Vaillant are the Germany and Brazil of boilers. Go straight to final.

Vaillant are the Scotland of boilers.

I believe I have the ecoTEC pro 28
Haven’t had the yearly service to stay in warranty though (installed last March). #livingdangerously

wouldn’t rule out an underdog Dimplex run to the final

I have told two of the heating engineers who have come out to fix my boiler recently that I intend to bury it in the garden with a wooden stake through it. Neither of them raised an eyebrow.


For the first time in my life I got the annual service.

I am master of my domain.

Nice to catch up with Jack the plumber as well.

If I had the 30i, I too, would treat it like a Queen

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I’d rather Jack the plumber than Fleetwood Mac the plumber.

Greenstar? I wouldn’t go for a Greenstar if I were you. You want a Hotpoint!

Thursday is tomorrow.

I’m far too young to have heard of the Reynolds Girls.