Greetings Cards At Work



One of my workmates broke his arm on the weekend.

Card being handed around for everyone to sign.

Signed it “Get well soon - ma0sm” natch, then also signed it “Happy birthday! - ma0sm’s workmate’s name” as this amuses me.


I think people thought I was a prick when I signed my good friend’s leaving card with “Happy birthday!”, but the important thing is that it made me laugh.



Best wishes x


Always used to put kisses under my colleagues messages when I was a proper shabazore.


honestly why bother with them? Totally pointless
“oh, thanks everyone, this card means a lot to me. Can’t wait to put it in the bin as soon as I remember when I get home”


One year I got a birthday card with loads of cars on it. I didn’t own a car or even have a driving license at the time, but nobody knew that so it wasn’t even shabs.

Made me feel really, really appreciated.


I once got a card with an elephant on it

didn’t even own an elephant.



If you wouldn’t have got one you would have gone full Yaya.


Haven’t thought of this one, will be doing so in future, thanks




don’t even tell people when it’s my birthday, or when I’m having a baby. Not on the ‘birthday list’ following office move as well, so am completely off the grid! Yessssssss


Line managers get automated emails for birthdays here meaning that people can get their hour (yes hour) off on their birthdays.


hour! fucking hell. Like the card, don’t bother mate!


That’s what I thought at first and then after a few years indoctrination I’m ‘fucking YES!!! I’m off an hour early!!!’.


My previous manager would refuse to sign cards. Leaving cards, birthday cards, pretty sure ALL cards. Said it was a waste of time and wasn’t going to. What a guy. Miss him every day


Is this you ma0sm?


Yeah! I’m crazy, zany AND wacky!


Bought these for my manager cause I anticipated that we might be giving it to her after her birthday