Greg Lake from King Crimson has passed away


Was listening to this track this morning:

Which is a big precursor to the whole “post-rock” thing (in a Slint, Talk Talk style) that never gets any credit for being.


what’s your favourite King Crimson album?
i only know Red, it’s really good


Only really a big fan of Islands to be honest but it’s probably in my top 10 tracks of all time


In the Court and Wake of Poseidon are 2 of the best records in their history.

The ELP catalog had stand outs as well: Tarkus, Brain Salad Surgery, Trilogy.

I saw him live just a couple of years ago, he seemed well.

I had no clue he had cancer.

2/3 of ELP dies within a year.

This sucks.



everything from 69-74 is gold, lark’s tongues is prob my fave


Greg Lake wasn’t in King Crimson when they recorded Islands or Larks Tongue.

I love this song:

I know it’s already been decided that it’s Stupid and Wrong to hate on a year, but I’m quite ready for this year to be over now.


yeah didn’t mean to imply that he was, shrewbie just asked what else was good

wish there was a better recording of the hyde park 1969 show


He wasn’t? Well fuck him then




didn’t he do that really great Christmas song or was that someone else?