Greggs new pasties


Healthy AND hip. What do you reckon?


Don’t look very hip to me

They should come in a ‘Goo;’ bag instead of a standard Greggs one - hot topic, hot take


"but we recognise that our customers are increasingly looking for lower calorie and lower fat options.”

no, we’re fucking not.


They don’t but sourdough is, isn’t it?


Sourdough is about as hip as Jeremy Kyle mate


I don’t go to greggs for health or hip


That’s what Orthopaedic surgeons are for innit


Struggling to think of a less appealing menu item than “Greggs chicken katsu sourdough pasty”.


Chicken katsu pasty has piqued my interest!

I’ll get back to you on whether the change in pastry makes it a flop or not.
Basically, yeah I’d love to eat healthier versions of the bad stuff but usually it means compromising on taste.


Can you do a review thread please, make us some light reading for Monday lunch time, I’ll pay you with 1 chaos emerals and a bag of smarties