Greggs: you have a fiver to spend

… what do you buy?

Some bleach and wire wool to scrub away the stain of going to Greggs


Not sure how much things cost in there, but…

Sausage roll
Corned beef and onion pasty or sausage and bean pasty
Jam doughnut

£5 of those caramel custard doughnuts for the office.

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^This to the one at Pride Park

Bottles of water maybe?

maybe a chicken bake and a steak bake, a doughnut and a drink.

this is now the ‘what do you want for lunch’ thread

Probably go to the Waitrose that’s a few doors down, tbh.

I am having leftovers from last night:

New potatoes, tomatoes and falafel roasted in harissa, with feta cheese, cucumber and avocado topping.

Greggs is really crap for veggies, so I’m really not sure. The cheese and onion pasty is horrible, with that snotty processed cheese. The veg pasty that some Greggs do is OK but still has that snotty texture to its insides. To be honest all of the pasties they do are a bit shit.

Do they still do that Tuna Crunch baguette that has loads of red onion in it? I’d probably get that.

cheese and onion slice and a coke. keep the change ya filthy animals

Massive fuck off pizza or a burrito.

But what I’ll actually be having is whatever the canteen have on today. Preferably not fish and chips.

Can I shock you? I’ve never been to a Greggs.

I once posted something on Twitter and Greggs replied and gave me a £5 voucher, so I have experienced this dilemma and lived to tell the tale.

Think I got a muffin for myself and then loads of jam doughnuts and giant cookies for the rest of the office.

What you doing mate, come over to the North East. There’s a place in Sunderland’s city centre where if you stand still and turn 360 degrees you see like 5 Greggs at once.

A few jumbo sausage rolls then a selection of doughnuts.

Worst thing about London is the dearth of Greggs.

I do plan on going back to Sheffield this year so I’ll make it my duty to go to a Greggs!

5 steak bakes


1 x sausage roll
1 x scotch pie
1 x fudge doughnut
1 x Ribena