Is there a finer purveyor of cheap fast food than Greggs?

The answer is no. They have a product for all occasions.

Greggs, everyone. Dr Greggles. GREGGS.

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Hello. Are you new?

Inject steak bakes into my fucking veins please and thank you

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Museo Del Jamon

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You can’t spell Greggs without eggs


Never been in one until they the dawn of the GVSR

Good stuff.

Never met a Greg that I liked.

Greggs is good though, although the English ones are a bit pointless.

Had two vegan sausage rolls for my lunch today. Felt terrible / amazing about it.

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Steak bake, sausage roll & a caramel doughnut please

Just the 7 yum-yums for me, ta.

“But there’s only 5 left…”

“I’ll wait.”


Hello. Are you new?

I am. Wanna be friends? I’ll buy you a peach melba.

Are you MPBH?


I think Pound Bakery vegan sausage rolls are nicer. Goodbye.

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Wanna eat so many Greggs pasties I have meat juice leaking out of my pores

Don’t think MPBH was a Los Camp fan.

What’s an MPBH?

A lot of people say this and it makes me resent living on the South Coast.