Grey Hair [Audit]

How grey are ya

  • No grey
  • A sprinkling of greys
  • Salt n pepa
  • More grey than not
  • All grey

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Happy about it?

  • Love my greys
  • Fine/Indifferent
  • Do not want

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Pics welcomed

Bit at the sides/temples for me.


None that I can see but I am reliably informed that there are a few starting to congregate in and around the back and sides of my head

I have grey flecks in my sides, and loads cropping up in my beard.

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I’ve had a smattering since I was 14, hasn’t really got any worse over the years. Someone once said it looks like someone has sprinkled dog hair on my head. Quite a compliment.

Don’t really care about going grey, wouldn’t mind the sides going grey making me look all refined and shit. It’s going bald I care about, I think a lot of bald fellas look fantastic and it suits them but I’ve got a big old egg head and I’ll look like humpty dumpty.

Hahaha ah this made me laugh


got a right old grey streak at the front these days. way more in my beard over the past couple of years an all. quite happy with it, apparently my mam and her mam went grey the same way i am and my mam had amazing silvery, almost platinum hair when she went totally grey so im hoping for the same thing

your grey streak looks mint mate, dont worry about it


woke up with a deadly hangover, felt sick because of all the stupid shit I said/did the night before, proper dread. that’s when my friend said that. not a great morning honestly. but it IS quite funny and well observed so I did laugh

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Head hair - more s and p I think, but as it’s short harder to see

Beard is pretty grey, but I’m ok with that

Still in bed!


Picked salt n pepa but more than that really. Fringe is ridic:

Oh well.

Also big grey streaks just beyond my fringe. Urgh.


Grey hair on someone else is sexy

  • Yay to grey (yes)
  • Fade to grey (no)
  • Grey expectations (it depends)

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grey hair > nae hair


Oh god I upset Juke shiiiiiiit

Oh this is in the past. Phew!

RollerCoaster there jukey babe


Wish my stupid beard would hurry up and go grey


Got a big patch on the back left hand side of my bonce, been there since I was a kid. Only get to see it fleetingly when the barber shows you the back of your head in a mirror. Newest barber complimented me on it though which was nice.

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my greyness coincided with hair loss - so be careful what you wish for

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Because I’m not ashamed.



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The DiS bald mafia have made note of this post.



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