🩶 grey hairs club 👩🏼‍🦳👵🏾🧓🏻

Mid 30s for me.

I remember my daughter saying “daddy, you’ve got sparkles in your hair” which is probably the nicest way to be told tbh.


I think these look very cool.

Always thought people got a streak put in or something.

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People always assume that I’ve dyed it :tired_face:

Used to try and cut it out which was obviously much much worse, or tried to dye over it which wouldn’t work. So have given up and just brace myself for people disbelieving me :slightly_frowning_face:

The good news is that it looks like I will be fully grey in a few years and it won’t stand out any more :pray:

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Your hair looks cool as hell


Started at about 29. Not standing for it because I am forever 21 and will continue to lie to myself forever and ever. Carefully dyed hair to match what should be it’s relatively natural blonde.

Always thought grey hair looked great tbh.

A school friend went grey in his early twenties and dyed it black but he looked ace and very goth when he let it go grey.

My hair is quite light so I can’t tell. Good patches of white coming through in me beard though which I am kind of into

Got quite a few now at 38 but not enough for my liking! Want to go full J Mascis/Sephiroth/Gandalf

First noticed them quite early at like 23/24 but in the last couple of years been way more noticeable.

Have you seen Bored To Death?

There’s an episode featuring a cameo from Jarmusch and Ted Danson spends the whole episode talking about him having, “such great hair.”


I’ve accepted the spinkling of greys and whites in my beard and head hair but I can’t be doing with the grey eyebrow hairs that just operate on their own trajectory and texture.

Get in line with the others or you’ll be plucked!

I read a wonderful review of Primavera (07?) where Mascis was described as looking like Gandalf in sportswear and, having been there and seen him walking around the crowd, it was perfect.


My facial hair started to go grey almost as soon as I was able to grow it, though my beard, eyebrows and body hair are all lighter in tone than my head hair (black brown, reddening in summer). I started noticing greys as I hit my 30s but they mainly snuck in at the temples and that’s where they collected for a few years. Lately, the grey seems to be accelerating, which at 45 I guess is pretty normal. I wear my hair long so I’m genuinely looking forward to being called a wizard on the street.

[EDIT] I’m suddenly reminded that someone yelled HAGRID! at me from a car the other day so I guess I’m halfway there already.

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