Grey Saturday/ Sunday - Weekend Thread

I’m going to football in a bit.

Anyone got any good comfort food/ winter warmer recipes?

I just started a sat thread but didn’t catergorize, what a chump.
Morning Keith, made an amazing wild mushroom risotto the other night, damn good for these cold nights

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That sounds delicious except for the mushrooms and the risotto. Thanks for trying!

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Hahaha :slight_smile:

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Does the link work? Phone wouldn’t let me type…anyway this one courtesy of @thewarn is great,!

Happy Saturday!

Drinking tea in bed, listening to Live Rust. Going back home for a belated leaving do later, so beer and curry.

Have a good one, whatever you end up doing.

Also made this recently, added lots of chorizo and chipotle which I got from Lupe pintos:

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I couldn’t open it - I think there are popups or something causing interference.


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It’s working now - thanks!

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Morning, slept terribly again. Might have to go to the doctor about it.

Doing a bit of work cover, then got a Thanksgiving bash thing at my friends house later. Can’t be arsed really, might only stay for a bit and then do a French exit.

That’s now a banned act.


morning folks. just about to have a curry. probably head back to bed after that.

Genuinely LOL`ed at a kids show this morning the baby was watching. Might need more sleep.

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hashtag jalfrazi life


Bit like your puppet show. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Going to That Leeds for a matinee gig

Departure delayed by me not plugging my phone in properly and it being out of juice when I woke up