Grey Thursday

I’m about to post the usual. Highlight of my day.

What’s in store for you today?


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day.


Today I’m wishing @CillaCrack a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday, @CillaCrack


Done the food shop

This weeks menu includes

Butternut squash soup
Goats cheese salad
Bulgar wheat salad (rolled over from last week)
Falafel wraps
Mystery food treat


Our Oddbox came but there’s no bloody onions!! We’re out of onions! I’ll need to go and get some onions later, then.


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Morning all. An identical day ahead, with the welcome bonus of pizza tonight.



Same old shit


Morning all!

I was in bed at 9.30 last night but don’t feel rested at all.

I’m definitely dragging myself out for a run this morning and hopefully getting a car seat for The Child at some point later.

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HB CC! :partying_face:

I hope @CillaCrack has a nice birthday


7am trip to Morrison’s for some footy beers and dolce gusto pods
Even when the epis over im doing shopping before work it’s great. No people

Happy birthday @CillaCrack! :birthday: :balloon:

Morning all.

Just took the bins out to find an army of seagulls tearing apart rubbish bags and covering the street with garbage. All of them squawking angrily - one of them seemed to be doing a mocking impression of a cats miaow. Dunno what that means but it can’t be good.

The Internet seems to have gone down when my main job for the day is to upload a bunch of stuff to the work server. Great stuff.

Anything else I can moan about? I think that’s it. Hope you’re all well.


Today is my dads death anniversary (9 years) so I’m going home for the first time since feb, going to visit his grave. Have to say, almost every year it’s been scorching around this time so it’s weird to see it so chilly and grey. Looking forward to seeing my cats, haven’t touched them since feb


Still got two holes in my ceiling.

Getting a break from the bairn later. Would like to use it for a big tidy but I’m skeptical that the TV will be up for it. Might have to play vidya instead.

Sneezing a lot. Anyone else’s hay-fever been playing up the last couple of days? Or is my house just very very dusty?

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Got sausages patties from tesco and bagels and made an egg and cheese bagel was fucking delicious.

Got a 3 hour online workshop at 9 fuck it.

Test driving a new car. Which is exciting. Other than that not much to report

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Happy birthday to @CillaCrack, Courtney Love, my brother James and Chris Evans (not that one)!

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I’m an absolute mess this morning. Partner was laughing at my sneezing until she saw the frenzied, half-blind dash I made for the medicines cupboard - she knows how much I hate otc antihistamines and take them as a last resort.

Sneezing less now but the zombification from the pills is kicking in. Perfect conditions for day two of the department meeting.


(like for all the nice bits, hope the day is ok for you x)