Grid Girls, Ring Girls, etc

Seems positive and long overdue that they’re going to be consigned to the history books, but at the same time some the women at the centre of it fairly pointing out that they’re losing their jobs, were treated quite well, and that in recent years (i expect due to the F1 expansion into Islamic countries) they’d moved towards more conservative dress.

Quite enjoying the froth from the blue passports crew. Surely there’s a very simple middle ground here that keeps people in jobs, doesn’t encourage the objectification or women, yet doesn’t pander to the ol’ Daily Mail readers?

Get out of my mind, my love for you is way out of line

Wait a second. Did you just change the thread title?

You did didn’t you!

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Eddie Hearn is a proper sleazy cunt

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Would that be someone’s entire job? Walk on, stand, walk off?

He really is.

I went on the Reddit thread discussing his comments last night. Needless to say that was a mistake.

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depending on the event they are also usually hostesses for the day, hanging around the garage, the buffet table and what not.

It’s led to the Sun going on about “Snowflakes” on their front page a few times - I’m probably out of touch, but is this the point where the term is graduating from mainly internet use to the point where half-wits everywhere will be using it?

Also, if people in f1 or whatever are concerned about the employment status of these women, they could pledge to continue paying them until they find alternative employment.

I think it’s in mainstream use now, along with “fake news”, and “cuck” is getting there too.

Really wish people would stop using those terms jokingly/ironically, it’s normalising fascist rhetoric.


Did anyone think to ask the “girls” what they thought, or was it just men making decisions on behalf of women again?

What if they keep the jobs, but get rid of the sexualisation and open it up to people beyond…conventionally attractive females 20-30?

Leave the boards, twat.


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In some circles around F1 the point was being made years ago that if the point was the job rather than having attractive girls to look look at (holding umbrellas/grid signs) then they could employ male models to do it as well. The only response anyone could come up with as far as I recall was ‘tradition’.

Sorry can someone explain to me why this has provoked this response? I genuinely at a loss.
For a message board that is self-proclaimed “respectful of other users” this doesn’t show much, erm, respect.
If what I said can be deemed offensive in any way please explain to me how, at least then I will be able reflect on this.

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F1 could set a good example doing that, i think, given that it’s not a completely macho, working class beermonster environment like, say, the darts or boxing.

It’d still ultimately be a small demographic of very good looking human-beings of a slim age band, but it’d be progress…i guess.

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