Grime 2018

I totally miss these threads.

Are you lot still listening to grime? I’m still going strong, regularly listening to Mumdance’s techno grimey show, jumping on every Boxed release etc.

What you lot been listening too?

p.s If you have a chance read Inner City Pressure it’s an outstandingly structured story of grime and the politics around it.


Friday can’t come quick enough.

I haven’t read Inner City Pressure but I can whole heartedly recommend Grime Kids by DJ Target. It’s a personal account of the story of Grime and 10 times better than Wiley’s autobiography which loses focus about halfway through.
Grime Kids was a perfect sequal to All Crews: Journeys through Jungle/Drum & Bass Culture by Brian Belle-Fortune. I love story of the evolution of Grime from it’s roots in Jungle & UK Garage.

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