Grimes is dating Chelsea Manning now

How about that then

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Anyone else got any gossip?

No, sorry

Maybe just make some up?

Lol wtf

What a world

Yeah, sure, I’ll give it some thought and get back to you

I’m getting married to TV’s Anita Rani!


Yo Grimes I am looking forward to your new album

Based on the most recent singles, I don’t share your enthusiasm


Loads of people said the last album was shite but I thought it was mint

Not heard the singles yet

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Yeah, i liked the last album a lot but for some reason I’m never that arsed about news of a new un

Elon Musk is dating Queen Elizabeth II


This doesn’t surprise me one bit

That makes me feel like a billion bucks! Thank you, Shrewbs x

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Phillips not even been in the custom built land rover a year yet

Be funny if, after dating two highly visible and distinctive international figures, the next one is an insurance salesperson from Gillingham called Neil.

I don’t mean to cast doubt onto Grimes and Manning’s relationship and wish them all the best

Daughter of Bernard?