Grindhouse Cinema Club

I’ve started up a website, and I’ve got together a few creative people to write about film and tv stuff. It’s early doors but I’m still proud of where it’s at.

Most recently I professed my love for Chef’s Table:

Simon’s review of 2001: A Space Odyssey is also really good.

If any of you would like to contribute, I’d love that, please get in touch. The ‘love letter’ section in particular is supposed to be for anyone and everyone to submit a written piece, however long and in whatever format, about their favourite film, series, episode, scene, actor… whatever. Would love to have some of you involved.



If I could write, I would.

Lovely looking website, will bookmark. And you’ve ranked Homer the Heretic as one of your top Simpsons episodes, THANK YOU. Never see it in those lists, or at least not as high as you have it.

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Thanks mate.

I can’t write either, but I’m doing it anyway!

I wrote a thing about Sir Ben Kingsley in Sexy Beast, and why I think he’s the worst bastard in movies.

My mate’s an illustrator and he’s been helping me out with some of the pieces. He’s working on a really quick ‘editorial’ style which I am loving.

He’s just sent me some work for a Wes Anderson thing I’m writing…



Love them.


Nobody cares, but I’m posting anyway!

I wrote my thing about Wes Anderson. I think he’s quite a divisive figure here, if I remember right from the directors top 75 list thread thing. But I love him. Really do love how my mate’s illustrations look in situ, too.


fwiw you’re right about Grand Budapest Hotel. I love it love it love it.

I want to know where you’re buying your Twixes though.

wow I LOVE these

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Here he is on Instagram for anyone interested:

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My mate Lee wrote about how much he loves Paris, Texas. Incredible film.

It’s on BFI Player at the mo if anyone’s not seen it.

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My girlfriend (who is a big WA fan) read this last night, said it was well written and well researched :+1:

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Oh shit this is my favourite film

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I knew these people, these two people (Balonz and zxcvnbm)

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That’s very kind. Say thanks for me.

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I only saw it for the first time recently (signed up to BFI Player when I was furloughed). Loved it.

Would you recommend anything similar?

It’s 15 years ago today that The Thick Of It first aired, so I wrote about it.

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That’s great! What a show. Might have to binge it all over the next couple of nights :ballot_box:

Now going down the rabbit hole of your blog x

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I’m rewatching at the moment as my other half hasn’t seen it.

It’s sooo good.

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I wrote a thingy about the stupendous Fleabag.

Definitely don’t read it if you haven’t seen it.

Wrote about James Gandolfini in The Sopranos.