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poo marries goat


I think Liam Smith comes out of this worse than the poo lady. Like his real name is all over a viral news story about poo. I would rather just lose the ยฃ300 and have an anecdote with unlimited mileage for the rest of my life.


Bet she did it just to go viral tbh


nah I think she probably already had something like that, norovirus maybe.




the idea of her panicking and trying to lob it out the window is fucking hilarious, even without everything else that followed


tbh if I someone told me this I would assume it was bullshit and a slightly updated version of this urban legend:


fucking hell that poor woman, thatโ€™s about the most embarrassing thing ever, how do you explain that to the emergency crews?


โ€œYeah Iโ€™m stuck in the window, but thereโ€™s no way thatโ€™s my poo. DID HE SAY IT WAS MY POO??! WHAT A BASTARD!โ€

Like that I expect.


I tried to avoid being irked, but a postgrad student who canโ€™t spell โ€œseparateโ€ or โ€œprofessionalโ€. Kids today. Tut.


Bloody livid



Itโ€™s really weird because I remember hearing this story years ago before I really understood about urban legend lies. In that version the woman in question threw it out of the bathroom window where it splatted onto the glass ceiling of the extension below, where all the other guests were eating dinner.

Saw it not long back on Twitter and kind of chinny-reckoned the person posting it and they got huffy.

So here we are with, presumably, an entire fire service backing this up.

WTAF is wrong with people that they want to pickup floaters and throw them out of windows? I donโ€™t understand this world.


Now in pidgin

Iโ€™m loving this pidgin shit