Grit Bins


it’s THE thread you’ve been waiting for.

Been noticing a lot of grit bins lately for obvious reasons. You forget they’re there most of the time, monoliths of a pre-global-warming era that ask no thanks but remain guarding us all.

Who’s closest to a grit bin right now though? Can you see one from your window?



Is this another one of your poems


pretty sure daniel kitson is suing me as we speak


I posted this on Monday of this week chief, I’m one floor above this now.


this is going to be insanely tough to beat unless someone lives RIGHT next to one and is currently downstairs


Not noticed one in years


weird isn’t it? they just sort of fade into the background


Yeah, there’s one just outside the office for the wee hill up to the ring road around the park.


Been looking for one as I want to grit the front step cause it’s very slippery and we have an elderly lady in the building that i’m worried about.


Oh god, this was a trick just to make me seem like the most boring person in the world because I knew where my nearest Grit Bin was wihout even having to look, wasn’t it?


there should be a grit bin finding app


you have a level of infrastrucural observation only matched by Marckee


I used to know all the lighting tag codes on my street for all the lamp posts.


its ok, i know that theres one on the corner of the waste ground by my house next to the clothes bank thing for whatever the islamic equivalent of the sally army is, cant remember their name


<3 yes you did




I love grit bin chat.

I can see one right now.


yellow or black?



I’d take a picture but some cunt has parked his van in front of it.

So I was lying. I can’t see one right now.


but you can sense it