Grocery disruption

Couldn’t see another thread about this, but DoorDash requiring all its employees including CEO to do a dash once a month seems quite good.

I know there are issues with this, but I like the principle


Is there still a part of you that wants to live


Not anymore


Hmmm. Not sure getting employees to do stuff well outside the job role they signed up for/have a contract for is good tbh. Obviously a developer on $400k a year is crymeariver funny, but not sure it’s a great precedent, even though it seems like a good cause…


I really like the idea of this? So many departments in major companies like this are so detached from the actual people on the ground, that getting a fully realised experience of how they operate can trigger new ideas or make people understand those needs better.



All companies who make healthy profits should subsidise employees doing a day’s charity or community work every month.

-Vote for yer man Bugduv. We’ll have yer house, but it’ll be a slightly kinder world, and beer will be cheaper.


Does it say whether it’s during working hours or not?

Place I work encourages their office workers to volunteer in the sorting depot in evenings during peak period before Xmas and it just seems like a way of not having to hire more staff

Lol, that’s just shit and very obviously taking the piss.


As I said, there are issues with it, but understanding what the people off whose backs your company is profiting have to do every day has benefits

I did days picking and packing in the warehouse when I contracted as a web developer for an online glasses shop. Was useful all round, definitely felt some of the younger members of the dev team (who’d only ever done tech work) were less dismissive of the warehouse workers after they’d done a day in their shoes.


Feels relevant to this thread too