Gross food combinations that work


Gross to the masses that is, but great to you. When I still ate cheese I used to love a bowl of frosties with grated cheddar :heart_eyes: something about the sharpness of the cheese and the sweetness of the cereal went so well together. And milk and cheese together too isn’t that weird right? Anyway which unconventional food combinations do you swear by?


Brussels pate + cheese and onion crisps in a sandwich.


Fast food + semen, apparently.


dipping mcdonalds chips in ice cream


Probably fairly conventional but using a milkshake as a dip for fries


I used to like dipping custard creams in chicken cup-a-soup


Fucking Frosties and fucking grated cheese, whit?! :grinning:


I can confirm that icecream with gravy fries does not work


I used to make white bread and curry paste sandwiches when I was younger (like, mid teens, living at home with a fridge full of actual food, so heaven knows what I was playing at).


This is just … fucking what?


are you ok jazzy?


Fucking hell mate.


They’re gonna taste Grrrrrrrrrated


McDonalds fries and Le Tournoi for me, Clive.

  • milkshake


holy crap…


Dipped some cheddar in a chocolate fountain once and couldn’t stop going back for more. Not attempted to recreate the magic since though


Cilla Black used to eat oranges smeared with Oxo cubes


Googled frosties and cheese to see if it was only me (considering this thread was like the third result it probably is) but LOOK

At least I didn’t melt mine


Worra Lorra Gravy Worranges