Group chats you've currently got on mute

Currently: none. Problem is that most of them require my input from time to time, but I guess if I mute them, it’ll deter them from derailing the chat every few days.

What group chats have you got on mute?


Muted the lad’s chat for eight hours after getting in from Boy’s Night last night as the zingers were still flying left and right and I was trying to sleep.



keep them rolling to distract me from the horror of real life


I got kicked from the London Lord of the Rings card game one for inactivity. Bit of a blow to the personal brand, that one.

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Same :grimacing: Have successfully avoided having a family group chat up until recently where a lot of my cousins have added one for my gran’s funeral week after next. They shared loads of photos that I know my gran would’ve absolutely hated and the kicker was ‘what are you wearing on the day?’ I know that’s a perfectly reasonable question but I just thought that’s enough for now.

Feel really guilty like :neutral_face:

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Not even on groupchatbook.


my sister set one up when my niece was born a few years back to share cute pictures of the baby and keep my parents and extended family up to date, my aunt uses it exclusively to send round pictures of her and my uncle on holiday, turns out they go on a lot of cruises

  • A regional feedback chat (31 shops, ofc I’m muting that)
  • A sport related friend group
  • A Night out over Easter group (need to get rid of this)

Poor bike wankers


My old work’s one
My old hockey team

That’s about it. I like getting WhatsApp’s.

any work ones that aren’t gmt based

actually i think i might have all my work chats muted

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Disgusting. I’d escalate this all the way to Colonel Sanders if I were you

Any chat with more than one person in gets instantly muted by me :+1:


(We had actually eaten earlier at Beer & Burger and had ended the night with a round of Viennese Fingers so no KFC was required)

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What’s people’s policy on leaving group chats? I don’t like doing it as people always do a sarcastic ‘byeee’ when someone leaves don’t they. I generally just keep them muted unless they’re so busy the notifications annoy me. Speaking of which, why does muting a WhatsApp group still give you little red notifications on the app icon. That’s really annoying.

I left that chat in a fit of anger based on some comments about fat people from one of the members on here.

Yeah yeah, you were just bored of bike chat it’s fine to admit it.

Never do it, can bring nothing but bad.

Chat apps need an option to silently leave and replace yourself with a bot that replies in the style of your chat history


which one are y

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