Grouper - I'm Clean Now

what we reckon, hivemind?

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Warm and soothing, just what you want from Grouper.

Both tracks are wonderful.

Though admittedly, it’s very much just more of the same. Don’t really see that as an issue with a 7" though.

I like it, but it’s not remotely suitable for winter solstice imho, couldn’t really identify with it. Too upbeat.

Try listening in the southern hemisphere instead


yeah it’s decent but…

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'Xactly, I want groggy haunting not clean beaches.

can’t really begrudge people being happy

I can at least try

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proper gorgeous.

Bloody great

London gig

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Is she any good live? Love most of her stuff but I don’t know if it’d translate well onstage?

Shes usually super quiet and the vocals are inaudible and the crowd always talk over her.

Anyone had any experience with the Tin Tabernacle as a venue? Quite curious as to what the acoustics are going to be like.

Always been lovely whenever I’ve seen her but yeah super quiet. Fell asleep at Cafe Oto gig because it was so hot and the combination of that and the music was very snoozy (in a good way)

Extra show earlier in the evening

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