I was JUST listening to Ruins and wondering when something new was coming. Like, an hour ago. Life ey?

Delighted at this

Though I really need to save money

But it’s Grouper, maaaan


Seeing her in May. Probably going to weep the whole way through the gig.

Anybody reading this thread who hasn’t listened to Midwife’s “Like Author, Like Daughter”, should go and listen to that. Immediately.


is there a preorder yet?

nm found it. ordered!

Nice! Sounds like Grouper.

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dunno why i bought this actually, pretty sure I’m gonna sell the rest of my records.

so, so DiS.

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did you go for the expensive vinyl? Sure this will theoretically increase in value but not sure I can bring myself to pay that much. Even though I love Grouper so maybe one of the few artists I’d consider doing this for.

ace isn’t it.

Never heard of this but this has intrigued me (on the train so can’t listen to it till I’m home)

For someone who thoroughly loved that Midwife album, what Grouper album would you start with?

yeah i did, i basically have everything of hers on vinyl. not that it matters but they definitely appreciate. dragging a dead deer goes for silly money on discogs.

Not knowing the Midwife album, my suggested Grouper starting point would probably be either Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill or Mirrorring (the s/t album of her collaborative project with Tiny Vipers)


This is beautiful stuff, thank you!

well that’s 50 euros I just blew.

Don’t have Way their Crept or the AIA albums on vinyl and they are all insane money. Got the AIA albums on the recent double cd reissue so may just get WTC on CD I guess.

will very likely be selling my AIAs soon, will give you a buzz if you’re interested

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ah, maybe!


Natch the special edition is sold out already :smile:

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