Wonderful news.

Just got Berlin tickets. Never seen her before. Cannot wait. :heart:


This is great, thanks for the tip!


Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill:

And if you want gauzy female vocals with lashing of reverb, also try White Poppy’s self titled album (on bandcamp):

Both fantastic records.

Oh, and no credit to me for Midwife, it was @Static’s doing:


Whoooaaa the addition of a Loveless reference passes my interest to beyond overdrive


Er, I think he overstepped with the Loveless reference, but I don’t mind since it got me to listen to the album!


i’ll start the bidding for mine at £100


You’re a bad person V.


obviously jk


obviously not taking you seriously


Didn’t realise that both AIA LPs were worth that. That’s a nice surprise


There’s a copy of water people on discogs for $99! I bought mine off Liz at the St Giles in the Fields show for £6.


i really want violet replacement but no way i’m paying crazy money for CD-rs ffs


Tenner the pair then?


Sol…wait a minute!!


She’s playing Bruges a few hours after I leave. This is terrible news.


if this guy isn’t up for it let me know!




ooh I’m 30 secs into the first track and very glad I came across the recommendation

Did you hear the Helen album that Liz was involved with? Reminds me a bit of that (i.e. the Grouper-esque haziness in more of a band setup)


I did come across the Helen album - that’s probably closer to the White Poppy album I also recommended above (and which I can’t recommend highly enough) - I prefer her Grouper stuff but definitely good on her for branching out. Quite excited by the idea of Ruins + the early sound, so will keep my eyes out for the newie.


Fucking love the Helen album.