Love that album. Feel her Mirrorring album doesn’t really get talked about so much, or at least as much as it deserves. It’s absolutely wonderful.


It was the first album of her’s I got. Good memories of first properly getting into Grouper while sitting in the library on rainy days.


The same St Giles in the Fields show with Fennesz headlining and Natural Snow Buildings opening? Ridiculously good line-up.


A+ recommendation! Thank you!


Also, if you like Dragging A Dead Deer…, then The Man Who Died In His Boat is made up of songs recorded around that time and is also essential listening.


My two recommendations for Grouper Groupees are MJ Guider and Anamai.


All this stuff leads me back to my favourite Tropic of Cancer song, too…


That MJ Guider album rec is enthusiasically seconded by me

Really grew on me subtly over time. Makes me think of what early Cocteau Twins would have sounded like if they’d been hanging out with the early Kranky roster (Kranky are the perfect label for that album btw)


Same. I just found myself listening to it more and more and more. It got its hooks in slow and deep.


This tour is brutal in its avoidance of our little island of racist fascists:

04-20 Berlin, Germany - Hebbel Am Ufer
04-25 Helsinki, Finland - Temppeliaukio Church
04-27 Krems, Austria - Donaufestival
04-28 Budapest, Hungary - Trafo House of Contemporary Arts
05-01 Rotterdam, Netherlands - Arminiuskerk
05-03 Brugge, Belgium - Magdalenakerk
05-05 Dublin, Ireland - Dublin Unitarian Church
05-05 Dublin, Ireland - Dublin Unitarian Church
05-11-13 Arcosanti, AZ - FORM Arcosanti
06-22 Calgary, Alberta - National Music Centre


No, the one in 2011 with pigeons supporting.


Yeeeeeah, we get two gigs! I might go to both actually.


Cool, looking forward to the imminent super dark depression this will bring


V much liked the Midwife album and another album of her’s with a really cool title (You Don’t Have To Be A House To Be Haunted).


Glad to see Anamai get a mention upthread that track is great. I’m a huge fan of Grouper and I’m always on the lookout for stuff that sounds similar. The label “neo-folk” is a bit dumb but yeah reverby droney folk is what I’d like more of. If anyone has more recommendations of that ilk I’d quite like to hear them. Here are my shouts:


Fucking love Jessica Bailiff.


She was someone who used to crop up a lot during my days; could never find an album as a teenager so may have to trawl around her Bandcamp releases as an adult for overdue closure



starts crying uncontrollably


:grinning: I was going to say, wonderful as that song is, even for Grouper it’s incredibly melancholic.