Well isn’t this absolutely delightful. Probably my favorite artist of the past 10 years.


she was absolutely amazing last night in Berlin, like having an out of body experience. Got the new album on now and just. goddamn, you know?


RA mix


I was there too. My first time seeing her, I agree, wonderful evening.

Did you see the support? What did you make of him? :slight_smile:

Does anyone know of any decent live recordings of her?


I did! He was… intense to say the least (I’ve written a review of this so will link once it’s posted)

Doesn’t she pretty much record everything live anyway so I mean it wouldn’t be that different?


Ruins!! lol


Great, look forward to hearing your thoughts on it. :slight_smile:

Just for alternate versions really, I loved the version of Holding she played the other night in particular.


here you go!


Nice interview on Pitchfork

Hoping the album will be waiting under the letterbox when I get home, or will show up tomorrow. Ich bin excited


Gave it a listen today. It is very much a slightly hi-er-fi Ruins (one of the biggest shocks was the lack of Harris’ handwriting on the album artwork). With a 22-minute run-time, it’s definitely one I’ll be tempted to give freeeequent re-listens to


it’s like an outdoor/daylight Ruins, for me. breezier in feeling as well as runtime. like she got out of the house and went for a walk (but still felt pretty sad)


Was at her show in Dublin at the weekend and it was beautiful. Never thought I’d get to hear anything from AIA: Alien Observer but she opened with the title track and it almost broke me.

TV got this nice photo of her too.


Ah, was gutted I couldn’t go to this. Must have been brilliant.


I’d absolutely love to see her live, though I fear I never will. If she talks to people after the show, I’d probably be devastated not to be able to think of anything interesting to say (she’s a total hero) so maybe that’s for the best.


Like Kallgeese, I also saw her in Dublin at the weekend.

She played a gorgeous longish song that I’ve never heard from her before. Mentioned “graveyards” and possibly “hiding among stones”.

Anyone know what this is? An unreleased track or a cover?


here’s a second piece on her I’ve done, this one specifically linking to mental health



This is a nice write up. Feels like in the past couple of years, maybe since Ruins, Grouper’s fanbase is larger and become a bit more evident? All starts with this for me. Definitely a mindblowing moment the first time I heard it. Wish there was more that sounded like it, but there isn’t much by way of that.

For some reason I think I read somewhere that Liz Harris actually quite dislikes Dragging A Dead Dear Up A Hill, something about it being an attempt to make music that sounds like what Grouper should be making, as opposed to what they want to make.

Could be making that up, feels like a long time ago. But anyways love this album will listen to it now and follow it up with The Man Who Died In His Boat.


Yeah Dragging a Dead Deer is definitely a collection of SONGS (especially Heavy Water/Sleeping) whereas her other stuff is an album’s worth of moods/textures/feelings. I think ‘Deer’ is always going to be my favourite because I think she nails both the songcraft and the ambience perfectly but then I think Ruins is almost as good and that’s much more towards the ‘ambience’ side of things.

Anyway, I love Grouper :slight_smile:


New London gig