and about 5 minutes from my house
excellent excellent excellent


Same night as Rolling Blackouts :frowning:





May have to dl this tonight


Giving it a first proper listen now.

Any thoughts on it from anyone else?


I’d missed some of the noise and droniness in the latest Grouper releases, so this is pretty welcome thus far


Really loved it on first listen! Think it shimmers and shines even at it’s most menacing moments. Excited put it on again later.


On first listen, the artillery like bass in the opening choral track are great. Feels very promising…


Going to listen to this at lunch. Very excited.


anyone know when/if this is getting a physical release? Think I have pretty much the complete Liz discography and I don’t want to miss this one as it’s fab.


It’s on her bandcamp page. Postage from the U.S. makes it expensive though. Doesn’t say limited edition so guess that means it should get European distribution at some point?


Ah ok cool.


Half of this album is great. The other half of this album is seriously boring.


Yeah, Grouper is heading in a Hecker-esque not fussed direction for me now.


I think that mellotron sound gets a bit of overuse, but the atmosphere is one I generally find myself liking wanting to get into when the time’s right for it.


Overused is an understatement. It appears on all the tracks, and is actually ALL of the last two tracks. So that’s about 60% bell drone, all told.


You people dont deserve grouper and tim hecker


Now where did I put my “I prefer their earlier stuff” t-shirt. I’ve indie bell(drone)ending to be getting on with.