Grout Cleaner

Can anyone recommend a good grout cleaner? Seeing this HG stuff. Their mould remover is top notch. Any idea how their grout cleaner is?



Wider than a mile
I’m scrubbing you in style


You know that bicarbonate of soda toothpaste? Scrub that on, leave 20 minutes, rinse off with vinegar, spray down with hot water

Works a treat

Probably costs more that the grout cleaner if you’re doing the whole bathroom though, great for a stubborn dirty bit


Just buy it and let us all know what it’s like


Buy a steam mop with a grouting brush attachment

Yeah unfortunately the whole lot needs done. Seems like the previous occupant was into using loads of fake tan or something. Cheers though, I’ll bear that in mind for any stubborn bits.

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I’d say it’ much of a muchness cost wise. They’re basically the same thing. Just bicarb will do a good job too. Just smear some on and go at it with an old toothbrush. It’s boring but it works and you don’t have to do it that often. For instance I’ve done it once in 15 years.

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" Works in under 5 minutes – simply spray, leave, scrub & wipe. "

The word hiding in plain sight there is “scrub”, which is the most significant bit. What you use before you scrub doesn’t matter so much.

Also it won’t clear mould off sealant around a bath etc, if that’s part of the problem you have.

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They’re all shit

Fancy leaving this post til one minute after the poor lad has placed an order.

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I posted as soon as I saw the thread!

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Grouuuut Cleanerrrrr


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I was actually pretty surprised how well a bit of toothpaste did with ours. I mean it was filthy so we were bound to get some improvement, but even though it’s not perfect it did come up much cleaner. Mrs F sometimes has a quick go at it with the toothbrush while she’'s sitting in the bath.

(you’re welcome)

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I think my issue is that any of them will require a decent amount of scrubbing in generally hard to reach places. The costing against some of this stuff and marketing suggests they lead to an ‘easy clean’ but whatever you spend, the job is a pain in the arse (which I will inevitably lose interest in, leaving a gradually declining standard across the surface I’m working on)

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Ahhh I was only joking :heart_eyes:

It’s fine, I’ll be using bleach and kitchen roll around the sealant :slight_smile:

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Damn you

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