Growing plants

Who likes growing things?

In the absence of a garden, I have been growing cacti and succulents for the last few years, buying nearly dead plants from Wilko for 10p and then bringing them back to life. This afternoon I’m gonna prune the aloe vera.

Here’s some photos from a couple of years ago. I have 22 houseplants at the moment. Once I move and am settled in the autumn, I plan to grow a load of flowering cacti from seed. Maybe some carnivorous plants too.

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There are various succulents and cacti in owl flower pots in my kitchen. They are not mine.

Like some sort of typical man, I grow chillies every year. This year I’ve got Jalapeno, Ring of Fire, Padron, and the reasonably scary Antillais Caribbean, which I’m hoping will fruit as it’s the first time I’ve grown those. I have no pictures.

I’d like to grow some weed as well, purely because it’s supposed to be difficult, and I like a project.

Nice photos. What camera have you got? We may have discussed this in the past…

A friend of mine makes these…

There are also chilli plants in my kitchen. They are not mine. Neither of us are spice warriors. I don’t understand.

I grew some chilis in my old kitchen. They were pretty tasty! Also as soon as I picked them to eat them, more grew.

I found I had to fertilise them by hand with a cotton bud, as not any bees/pollinators in my kitchen.

I’ll have them. Do you know what they are? You don’t have to be a spice warrior - adding small amounts in stir fries and other dishes can be nice.

I’m trying to grow a cotton plant. I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing but it needs to start showing by August 29th if possible.

Just a cheap lightweight Canon EOS 100D. I’ve got two prime lenses I use the most- the 40mm f2.8, and the 24mm f2.8. I’ve got the budget 50mm f1.8 too, but I prefer the 40mm because it doesn’t feel as plasticy.

I’m really meticulous about editing/weeding out photos though. I often adjust each colour channel curve by hand on Photoshop for landscapes/nature shots.


I did that as a lad. Just with some seeds I found in a bag of thai. It went mental. Had to give it to a mate as it was in my bedroom at home and just got too big. It budded but was not at all potent.

Reminds me of bamboo torture, which is thankfully unproven

Nice. Been looking at a Micro Four Thirds one recently and reading up on lenses but that’s a matter for another thread.

I have a very poorly aloe vera plant. I’m watering it and it’s getting sunlight but is there anything else I can do to help it?

We’re just getting our garden started (for the past year or so it has gone from dusty wasteland to weed-covered patch), and that’s the next stage of our house refurb/do-up. We’re going to go for a wildlife garden and pond, with some herb, vegetable and fruit planting until we get an allotment in a few years (we’re on the waiting list).

This year we have tried to grow french beans, courgette, cucumber, tomatoes, blueberries and strawberries, with varying success, and have a couple of large pots containing different herbs and hostas, all of which have grown very well.

Indoors, again, we’re just getting started, with a couple of plants - mainly orchids, aloe vera, that kind of thing. Our dining room has a fair bit of early-70s furniture in it, so we want to go for a few large 70s-style plants in there too. Maybe a yucca or a rubber plant.

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The next time I see my friend she’s giving me one of these! She just sent me this photo.

It’s one of these -

I also bought some seeds to try and grow one of these :grimacing:

We’ll see how that goes, I’m thinking not very well BUT I might as well try!

I would really like to get some more larger plants, all of mine are pretty small and I wouldn’t mind getting some that are a wee bit more established.

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Take it out of the pot, and wrap the soil in a thick kitchen roll overnight. That should absorb any excess water. They’re desert plants and hate damp. You rarely need to water them.

Also cut off any dead/manky bits with scissors, so the plant can devote its energies to the healthy bits.

Tried repotting it? I’m shit at gardening but that has solved 90% of the issues we’ve had. Pot too small, or not enough drainage.

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@_em … what is that second succulent you’ve got there?

We have an issue at the moment with Box tree caterpillars. They’ve devoured two plants that we have in nice pots in the garden. So annoying.

Gardens stress me out. I’d pave ours given the choice.