Grown-up foods


Ordered a ‘butchers platter’ for lunch and it included blue cheese which normally weirds me out because of the mould but I’ve found quite tasty. So, what are the ‘grown-up’ foods and do you like them?


  • Olives? I loves, more like!
  • I don’t like olives

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Blue cheese

  • Stilton
  • Stilt-no

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can’t believe you didn’t write stilt-off

probably a wolfcastle but i’m still irked


No, that’s fair. Was going down the pure anagram route. Stilt-off is arguably better.

  • sprouts
  • not for me clive

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  • lobster
  • nobster

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I have enjoyed sprouts when fried in onion, garlic and bacon, and heavily caramelised, but I feel this isn’t in the spirit of sprouts, hence my vote.


Drinks are also allowed. I feel like people have to work to like gin

  • G-in
  • G-out

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coffee after a big meal

  • espresso
  • something with milk
  • i’m a giant baby

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  • Mushrooms
  • Much-Room to grow up more like

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Sprouts are fine - but are really xmas only for me (and preferably fried with bacon etc)

Stilton - again xmas only, and preferably with some honey to sweeten the pill a little

  • Oysters
  • Royters

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Liked shrooms when I was like 5. Precocious young tyke, me.

  • Water
  • Water me some more so I grow up and enjoy water without squash

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guys gin is not for grownups. it’s for hipsters and down-and-outs

  • Foie gras
  • Foie nah

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I know this isn’t a grown up food issue but anyway.

  • Ce-lery
  • Jus-t fuck off

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^stinking of gin

  • wholewheat bread
  • wholesheet bread

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:fishing_pole_and_fish: I like water and I like squash!