Growth spurts

Spurt’s a particularly nasty word isn’t it.

Did any of you have a growth spurt in your adolescence? If so, can you remember seeing growth over a period of weeks?

Do growth spurts work the other way, in that you get exponentially smaller in a short amount of time when you get older?

Still waiting on mine :disappointed:

I stopped growing when I was 14, and my growth spurt had lasted about 18 months, when I was going through four shoe sizes a year.

I was the shortest guy in my year at age 12, and the shortest again by the time I was 18.

Quite weird when you think about it innit, your bones growing longer and that :bone:

Edit: oi oi etc.


Never had one, I was a steady eddie. Was always taller than everyone in my class (except Thom Cleary but come on, no one is gonna beat Thom Cleary) until around sixth form when things levelled out a bit. Been 6’1 1/2" ever since, and yes that 1/2" is important.

I used to get growing pains and it was unpleasant. My son now gets growing pains and it is unpleasant.

Growing pains are not necessarily linked to growth.

Cheers guys!

Had one when I was 15 and my back used to seize up and spasm all the time. Awful experience.

What is your height?

I had a massive growth spurt at 14, I went from being around 5’6" to 6’2" in a matter of months. My knee ligaments didn’t keep up, and as such I tore them playing football and needed surgery.

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I’ve got American Werewolf in London in my head now.

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5’10 or so I rec.

Thanks for getting back to me.


Really? I thought you were pushing 6ft?

Thought you were definitely taller than me and although I was in bottom percentiles for height at school, I was never the shortest.

Pleasure. Like an opposite @anon19035908 I can photo myself next to a mouse hole in a skirting board if you’d like?

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yeah I went from small to lanky

From age 12-18 I constantly looked 12 year old

I’m 5’9"

My legs are longer in proportion to the rest of me, so I apparently look taller than I really am.

No thank you.


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Don’t do what I did and turn around after taking the photo straight into the door/skirting board. Learn from my mistakes for the love of Jeebus.

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