Gruff Rhys

Back on Rough Trade, with a new album (a collab with the National Orchestra of Wales) out June 8th.

First single:

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The production and delivery really remind me of Death Of A Ladies Man.

That’s lovely. Didn’t realise he had a new album coming out. Looking forward to this even more now…

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That’s going to be a full album show apparently. I’m travelling to Amsterdam that day so can’t make it - gutted.

Really ? cool. When it went on sale I managed to grab a box with three seats. Didn’t know what he’d be playing. Think I assumed he would be reinterpreting older stuff with the Orchestra (which I guess he probably will as well)

Frontier Man’s addictive.

Looking forward to the new album very much, could be his best since Candylion.

London Barbican gig on September 12th and Manchester RNCM on September 16th.

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This slipped me by… Some kind of residency thing at Edinburgh Fringe:

He should stop sitting on landslides or he’s going to end up a Snuffed Rhys.

Thanks for this! Didn’t realise he was at the fringe and I’ll be there during his run.

I went to this show. It was a bit bloody special.

Worth the entry fee? I kinda balked at paying £21.50 for a Fringe show and so thought I’d just forget it.

The show I went to had the full 70 piece BBC National Orchestra of Wales, so yes, definitely. With a full band set beforehand and another support act.

Thanks - the brochure says his show lasts for 1 hour 15 mins, so not sure they’d fit much of that in and the Pleasance Beyond definitely couldn’t hold a 70 piece orchestra. I think I’ll read the reviews closer to the time and see if they are still tickets left over.

I really liked Gruff and SFA. Been kind of ruined for me by a difficult relationship.

What’s the answer, just constant listening till the negative connotations fade?

Try getting back into him through gigs, rather than listening at home, to begin with…

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I suspect it’ll be a solo show at the Fringe. That’s quite a lot of money, but I’d probably pay it. Sadly I’m only there in the first week…

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Have you heard all of his more recent solo albums? Maybe try one of those or watching one of his films if not as it might not have the same links in your subconscious if so?

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Nothing since Hotel Shampoo, which came out during the dark time.

Building new memories through the films, new material and gigs (like @Damian suggested) makes sense.

Thanks. It seems a shame to let a band and artist I loved slip away because of negative associations.

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I feel you Saps. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere on DiS I’m right in the middle of a relationship breakdown after 20years. SFA were our favourite band to go and see, must have seen them 20 plus times together. We even named our boy Gruff. I went to the Cardiff gig the other Sunday and it was odd but I did enjoy it.