Guardian best architecture of the 21st century

The grauniad continues the listathon with some nice buildings!

What other buildings from the past 20 years rustle YOUR jimmies?

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Congrats to @anon19035908 for his new job at the grauniad

imagine saying this is breathtaking

looks like half the buildings in Northampton


they used a shitty picture for it, but it really is one of the best buildings, especially inside



somebody came up with the idea of a rectangle made out of concrete? architects are taking the piss with this one

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imagine being the kind of wanker that puts their name on a building, fewer things seem more vain

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Yep, still breathtaking though imo. Used to love the bus station in Northampton even if it was a bit of a dump

buildings like that are functional, don’t think they’re supposed to inspire awe, I guess there’s something to the sheer size of them.

it was a victorian power station that got converted into a gallery

typical london art people, I’m sure it was a perfectly serviceable building for it’s function back in the day

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bring back inner city power stations I say.


something ‘supposed’ to inspire =/= whether something actually does inspire though

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just don’t make a big deal out of buildings I say, this is one way in which the east midlands is better than London

fuck off back to the east midlands then!


there is a kind of quiet stoic beauty to functional grubby victorian buildings but it totally kills that to champion it or turn it into an art gallery or something

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hey man it’s all yours, I’m sure you don’t have any buildings named after you so no need to worry


The prof is right, absolutely stunning building.