Guardian (but mostly Adrian Chiles)

Surprised this article took so long tbh.

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are you guys saying that misogyny isn’t real?

Are you suggesting no-one has said Trump isn’t up to the job?


Undoubtedly there’s a lot of misogyny that will be thrown her way, but as she’s a prime minister who hasn’t actually been voted in by the public off the back of a general election, she’ll always be questioned “whether she can do the job”… unless she calls another election obviously.

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Yeah, Gordon Brown was constantly attacked for not having a mandate from the electorate.

great idea! corbyn will surely annihilate them.



Been a couple of Graun bangers in the last few weeks:

That last one in particular was almost unbearably moving.

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Well-intentioned friends often try to convince me to go off-grid

i.e. stop blogging m8

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Was he also the dickhead that wrote an article about travelling England for free, which actually entailed hitching a lift from Dover to Hackney? That was one of the most Guardian things I’ve ever read.

Anyone got any idea what this article is about? Or what it has to do with Google?

Nope (havent read it)

It’s one of a series of articles where a writer uses google for research.

presumably about ‘am i middle class’ being one of the most googled questions in the uk?

not going to read it

Been going all out on on that series since about 2013 I guess

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19th August 2015, apparently