Guardian (but mostly Adrian Chiles)

Well here’s hoping, but really don’t count on it.

Please, I need something to look forward to :pensive:

The sweet release of death not good enough for you unlike the rest of us eh?!?


Just do all the physical stuff first.

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Pisstake or the most Guardian article ever?

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Usually these articles are accompanied by some pseudo-science of the “researchers at the University of Somewhere have discovered that sneezing makes you happier” variety, but this tellingly byline-free job is literally just stuff like “dunno, watch telly maybe?”.


I’m going to be honest I quite enjoyed some of these, and I have this morning drawn a face on one of Mrs F’s porridge bananas.

Also it doesn’t help that plucking the three contributors I recognise there you have quite the mix between people who know and understand lightheartedness (Heritage), people who are quite interesting but rather odd (Wiseman) and people who are just flat out dull (Beddington).

“Make every recipe in a cookbook” seems like something doomed to failure. I would fail anyway and I like cooking, you’ve got to cook things you fancy !

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this is shit from jonathan liew…

‘imposed upon us by the 22 men of Fifa’s executive committee, three of whom are now dead. There is, perhaps, a certain dark irony in the fact that the survival rate of the people who awarded the World Cup was even lower than that of the people who built it.’

diminishing the migrant worker deaths like that. the fifa executive committee deaths were at average age, what? 90s? and the migrant worker deaths at average age, what? 20s?

Qatar 2022 is actually happening: a horrifying but irresistible prospect | World Cup 2022 | The Guardian

  1. Start Christmas early
    Do it all now. Put the tree up, snack exclusively on Quality Street and only watch bad films about big city girls who return to the countryside for Christmas and fall in love with a nice local man. Everything is bad, you need this.

Done this, made me feel great


Yeah I was going to say reading through them again that that is quite the undertaking. It’s going to take you ages, and make you feel stressed and also it means you’ll make a load of stuff that’s just disappointing filler that the author put in to pad the book out. Plus if you’re me you’re definitely going to be making at least one meal you really don’t want to eat.

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OK you’ve convinced me. This is getting its own thread.

All of the suggestion or just partially?

I’ve snacked on quality street, watched several films and the tree and decs are up at the TVs house

if you are going to do something kind […] make sure other people are watching

I vote pisstake.

(It says exactly what you expect it to say, obviously)



Thoughts on this?

Someone was paid actual literal money to write this…