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Don’t pretend you don’t like a kitchen utensil pun in the Graun thread.

Not sure if it’s perspective, bad photoshop or just an unflattering picture but it looks like her head is taller than her shoulders are wide.

I believe her body is turned ~3/4 away from us and we are approximately 45 deg to her left.

Surprised by charity shops not wanting books

I’ve taken a fair few to the Brighton oxfam bookshop and they always want them.

I think it would have been the quantity - charity shops don’t have space for 1000 books but would probably happily have taken 2-3 boxes

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Incidentally the one I briefly worked in used to have any unsold/unsellable ones collected by world of books, who I guess would have sold any they could and recycled the rest, so any donated books did get at least 2 chances to be sold, which is probably better than sending them straight to recycling if there’s any chance someone else might want them

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What else are they going to do with that many copies of the Da Vinci Code?


I think at one point we had 5 copies of the Da Vinci Code on sale at the same time

Not going to lie, this discussion is making me fear for the copy of Matt Cardle’s autobiography that I returned to the charity shop after a good hour’s read.


There are some books that do become functionally worthless. People like to think of books universally being pearls of precious human knowledge, but no-one in 2023 is picking up ‘Microsoft Access 1994 for Dummies’.

In my old job at a university library I once had to clear several shelves worth of outdated software books like that, to go to World of Books I think. Still had to be coy about it if any students asked though, because people don’t like the thought of books being chucked out. Even though these ones hadn’t been checked out in fully 15+ years and shelf space is limited.


It’s the same with medical text books. Medical students could hand down books from one year to another, but beyond about three years, there are often significant parts that are outdated, obsolete and potentially harmful.

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Yeah exactly. A law textbook or statute book that’s more than one or two editions old is also worse than useless.

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Yes, similarly a knowledge of Matt Cardle’s life history is no longer as relevant as it might once have been and could even be considered dangerous in the wrong hands.


I hate sand too but I don’t have a Grandad that would say something so eloquent.

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Quite enjoyed that article. A lot of folk seem to think that stony beaches are somehow ‘shit’ but you’re still at the coast, you still have the sea and you have a fraction of the cleaning up afterwards. Oooh, but I can’t build a sandcastle! Fuck off m9, you’re not four years old.

Team Chiles :fist:

Also, I’m stealing his grandfather’s line for my own use…


a lot of smart folk

#sandforever #fuckbrighton


Oh this is where the Episode II fans are at, eh?

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Adrian Chiles is Darth Vader theory CONFIRMED

Edit: Knew I’d taken too long posting that


Reckon shell shingle type beaches are the best. You still get the classic crunchy sensation between your toes but it’s all much less hassle afterwards. Also very pretty